Android app development cost in India

Android app development cost in India

Mar 18, 2020 by The Yellow Strawberry

Mobile App Development Cost

The technology relies on innovation that makes it more useful and compatible to our lives. For solid growth and accomplishing competitive profit, industries need to adopt technology in their day to day lives. On the other hand, in the global platform, companies required a constant business driver which can help them to boost their productivity, growth, and quality and thereby creating a much illustrious brand out of a name. Comping up with an idea to make things easier by an app and software is easy but installation and maintenance demand too much effort. In today’s tech-savvy and competitive world, Mobile apps have become so important that it’s impossible to think about how people will live without them. They are need of the hour to capture the huge market that is rapidly going mobile. Every Business needs an app to make and extend its market reach and it makes sense. For any business Android/iOS app is like oxygen. It’s mobile apps that act as demonstrative of a business to a wider range of customers. Likewise Developing mobile apps these days is the modern way of money-making move for many businesses. Normally Android/iOS application price in India depends on the app to create market demands, and which Android/iOS app development company in India being selected to develop it. 

Choosing the top mobile app development company in Mumbai is a little tough and tricky task but The Yellow Strawberry team will assure you to get the best mobile application for your business.

Why to Choose us – In the modern age of technology, the market is flooded with hell lot of Android/iOS apps. For a single content or topic, we have similar iOS/Android mobile apps present but only a few of them are popular e.g. for photo editing, we have many apps like adobe photo experience, pics arts, photo director, youcam, snapseed etc. This list goes on but only a few apps among hundreds will be popular and used by most of us. The Yellow Strawberry company has studied a lot of such popular apps and listed features that made them popular. In our domain i.e. Android application development, we have in cooperated these features in the process. With the advanced programming capabilities, The Yellow Strawberry team delivers solutions to its clients who are from diverse backgrounds and also best recognized for building innovative, scalable, thoughtful, enduring Android & iOS mobile applications. The Yellow Strawberry company has a team of mobile application developers, who are highly skilled, efficient and capable of delivering your business mobile application needs with quality standards while adhering to the predefined timelines.
The Yellow Strawberry is one of the top mobile app development company in Mumbai particularly in Navi Mumbai, Thane. Here are a couple of features that are considered while developing Android application

UX/UI: User interface: - A buzz word that is extremely popular these days. As per the industry, a simple user- friendly interface is a must to get the attention of user. Bad user experience will make people leave your app. UX is the key to any Android application development where people find relevant information in a few taps. It starts with the loading of your Android application where the user will get the first impression of your app. The supreme goal of every business is to make their customer happy and to meet their requirements. It must be simple and user friendly.

Trendy Features: With loads of trendy features coming day by day, your Android app should support these trendy features. With changing technology trends, gesture control is getting a lot of attention. With The Yellow Strawberry company, you are guaranteed that such features will be available in the latest updates of apps. This resulted in giving us the tag ‘best Android app development price in Thane’ by one of the clients based in thane. With all these trendy features The Yellow Strawberry teams always propose and produce the best idea for your business where implementation and easy installation is the only goal we have.

Registration Page: For any successful Android app, registration should be easy. The user will leave your app as soon as he/she is getting frustrated while registering. We, The Yellow Strawberry company, do focus on making the registration process simple during our Android app development process. Integration of platforms like Gmail, Yahoo mail, Facebook to retrieve maximum information to pre-fill your registration form results in seamless user interaction.
Social Media Tools: Nowadays, social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are quite popular. These platforms are often used to share information. So, your Android app should integrate these platforms and promote your app sharing different information & promos. These social media platforms help to increase app reach and awareness.

Multi-lingual support: - English is globally most interactive language and hence used as the basic language for Android app development. But, yellow strawberry company, do provide support for the regional language. Users can choose their preferred language to start the app in their own language. This is based on the feedback from one of the clients from Mumbai who preferred his local language. It was an easy integration task due to our scalable app, but it resulted in tagging us ‘best Android app in Mumbai’.

Feedback: - Feedback is one of the tools for continuous improvement and we are no different from those who prefer continuous feedback from users. This helps us to improve and result best customer experience. Occasionally we do provide customer voucher with best feedback once it is validated by our UX/UI team.

Innovation & Creativity: - Innovation and creativity always have a special place. Nothing can be compared with these two. Even an old idea with an innovative presentation can be super-hit. The Yellow Strawberry has an R&D team that works specifically on innovation and creations and it helps to improve the user experience of our Android/iOS mobile app. The idea of a mobile app for a business is a tough task but creativity and innovation make it a growing factor for any business because users attach themselves with the app. 

Security of Data: - Privacy matters and it matters for everybody. Everybody is concerned about security and hence your Android/iOS app should maintain it. Your data, chats, browsing history needs to be encrypted and transferred in encrypted format only. The Yellow Strawberry mobile app development team consists of security experts who work specifically to keep and transmit your data securely. So, rest assured about your data with us.

Compatibility: - Another important feature that the development team must keep in mind.  Apart from simplicity, the mobile app should be compact where most of the readily available features should be at your fingertips. User doesn’t have to go a long way to search for an option. It should be available in a few touches. 

Offline: - A lot of mobile applications behave abruptly in absence of internet connectivity. The Yellow Strawberry team takes care of this as well in their Android/iOS app. Our small app components are specially designed to work in the slowest of internet connection which gives a seamless user experience.

Pocket friendly: Android/iOS mobile application development prices in India are quite high due to fewer resources and higher demand. Usually, the app development cost is higher due to the extended app development life cycle but at Yellow Strawberry, we have developed a sustainable work model which has reduced our deployment time to market drastically and that too without compromising on quality. This in turn has resulted pocket-friendly app with very less time to market.

The Yellow Strawberry Android/iOS app consists of all the above features which make it one of the best Android/iOS apps with very little time to market features. Moreover, app is customizable which makes it more client/user friendly who can customize app as per their needs on their own. With vast experience of Android/iOS app creation, yellow strawberry is an eminent name in web and mobile app development industry.

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