A music trivia app to play with your friends and random players. Each time a user plays the game provides new experience and emotions attached to it. A two-player based game that allows you to quiz yourself on many of music genres and asks you to choose the right name or artist of the song, with an entry to weekly tournaments & many fun features to be the champion of music eras or playlist!

When the client approached The yellow strawberry. The concept was to build a music app like song pop 2 for Nigeria. To start off things with Gbeduwars we studied the similar gaming application with million hits SongPop 2. The research helped us to gain insights on games functionality, features and what more can be improved for better user engagement.


Practice mode: Functionality of this mode is where users can have a practice game with a bot on the other side. To make the system work for playing with user was one of the challenges

a random play logic: The system checks the database for a list of players with a similar playlist of user and randomly selects one player from the list. Compatibility is calculated based on the ratio of total playlist vs similar play list.

Customized reports: A constant stream of incoming, changing data and sorting the data to show comprehensible results was challenging.

To solve all these challenges with more features of the Gbeduwars like mass-messaging, push-notifications, login/sign up management, playlist purchase, etc. Our technical team was able to tackle all the difficulties.

It’s always exciting to work on the app with an objective of pure entertainment and passionate user base. Gbeduwars a native Android app led to a better user engagement & satisfaction ratio and the app is compatible with numerous amounts of users to connect and play for the love of music! From creating a basic app blueprint to transforming the design into a functional, engaging and smooth mobile app experiences - our team does everything!