How To Choose The Right Social Media Agency?

Nov 05, 2022 by The Yellow Strawberry

It is difficult to ignore the power of social media in marketing and advertising.

42% of internet users use social media to search for more information about brands. Additionally, 27% of US and UK users claim that they have discovered new brands through social media ads in the past year. It shared the top spot in brand discovery with TV ads.

You have so much potential. It is important to make sure you are doing it correctly. If you are interested in working with a social media agency,

  • You have a budget, but don't know how to make the most of it.

  • Performance is not being increased

  • You don't know how you can measure the success of your social media efforts, etc.

After you have decided that you want to work with a digital agency, the next step will be to find the right one. Here are some great tips:

Know your Goals and Desired Outcomes

First, you need to define what you want from social media. This will help you determine your goals and measure success in social media.

Research has shown that companies with a clearly defined content strategy have higher win rates of 27.1% and 18.1% respectively for quota attainment.

Setting goals will help you allocate your resources and budget. Knowing what is most important for your business will allow you to delegate more effectively and get more value for your money.

These are the top social media goals that you might want to achieve:

1. Increase brand awareness

You want to reach lots of people via social media. Your goal is to grow your online presence and get people talking about you or your content. You might also work to increase your share, mentions, and share count.

2. Generate Leads

Social media can be used to create interest and encourage customers to join your sales funnel. You can use social media to gather email subscribers by sharing your most valuable gated content via ads.

3. Boost Sales

Social media should be used in a way that directly affects revenue. For example, you might use audience insights to promote the right products to the right people.

4. Increase Engagement

You want people to interact with social media posts. This increases customer loyalty and creates a stronger connection with your brand. You'll strive to get more likes, comments, and so forth.

5. Make a community

Perhaps you want to increase engagement by creating a community around your brand. You might create a Facebook group, or use a hashtag to promote regular conversations about your products or brand.

6. Excellent Customer Service

People are now more likely to use social media to contact brands to ask for help or to complain. Your goal may be to maintain customer satisfaction by staying on top of these communications.

Once you have identified your goals, you can share them with a social media agency so they can create milestones for you.

Three Characteristics That Make a Great Social Media Agency

When choosing a social media agency, there are some key factors you should consider.

1. They offer a custom-made service

Many agencies have the same social media strategies that they use for all their clients. This is a waste of time.

Every client has their own target audience and business goals. Social media strategy is not something that can be applied to all businesses. It is important to find an agency that tailors its services to your goals and needs.

2. They are highly skilled

In the US alone, there are many digital agencies. Many of them offer similar services. When they offer the same service, it is no surprise that it can be difficult to decide between them.

A refined level of expertise is what will make you stand out. The Yellow Strawberry is an example of this. We know what we do well, and what will work. We have perfected our speciality: creating social media campaigns that are effective and pay for them.

3. They are proven to get results

An excellent social media agency will be able to show that it can create high-performing campaigns. Look for testimonials, case studies and reviews to prove the agency's ability.

You must find an agency with credibility and expertise, and that offers a tailored service to your needs.

How to work with a Social Media Agency?

It is a two-way process to work with a social media agency. These are the steps you should take to make the most of your collaboration.

1. Be clear and realistic about your goals and expectations

If you aren't sure where to begin, the social media agency that you work with will be able to help you set goals.

If you have specific goals and expectations, you must communicate them clearly. They won't be able to meet all your expectations unless there is someone with the psychic powers of Professor X at their agency.

To ensure that your goals are realistic and clear, you can use SMART goals. These goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

2. Please Share the Right Information

If you provide relevant documentation, guides and plans, a social media agency can do more for you.

You might, for example, have a content strategy that you use across all channels. This could include your blog, email newsletter, and so forth. Your overarching strategy will be aligned with the social media agency.

Perhaps you have a brand style guide. The agency can share the guide so they can choose the right tone for their creative.

Sharing the correct information serves the purpose of ensuring that the agency is on the same page with you as fast as possible.

3. Communicate well

Not only is it important to communicate your goals and provide the correct information at the beginning, but also to keep in touch throughout your work relationship.

Your social media content and ads will be delivered on time if you are able to communicate clearly and efficiently. This means that you must also do the work, such as sharing company information in advance and approving scheduled content.

Communication is essential throughout the entire process. While a social media agency may be able to assist you in achieving your goals, you must empower them to do so.

How to find the right social media agency for you?

Before you make a decision, research and compare social media agencies. Apart from the company website, there are many other places where you can find pertinent information.

Find credible reviews on sites such as Clutch and G2 or FeaturedCustomers. Google searches will also bring up mentions of the agency on the internet.

LinkedIn allows you to look into the agency in greater detail. You can check out the top executives of the company and see if any have been recommended and endorsed by clients or peers.

It's not enough to see how many stars a company has, it is important to research these sources. This will give you an idea of the size of their clients, what type of projects they do and what their average budget is. This will allow you to determine if you are a good match.

You should also find out if the agency is specialized in the services you are looking for. You may need to do some research. You should think about the goals that you want to reach and the tactics that will help you get there.


Social media is becoming more popular as people use it to search for brands and make purchases. It would be insane not to utilize it as a marketing channel or advertising channel.

However, you may not have the right resources or knowledge in certain areas. It's only natural to consider working with an agency for social media.

Knowing your goals and desired outcomes is the first step to choosing an agency. Your goals will guide the strategy you want your agency to pursue and help you find the best experts for the job.

The Yellow Strawberry approaches these 3 main processes for social media marketing:

  • Strategies and Goals -
    We help you brand achieve social community goals with our strategic media marketing.

  • Social Media Advertising -
    We can increase brand visibility and conversions by using the right tools for paid advertising on social media platforms. immediately.

  • Analytics and Reporting -
    To make the most of social statistics, our experts continuously analyze them. Our monthly reports include detailed analysis of page growth, conversions, as well as measured results. This helps us to make adjustments in your marketing strategy.

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