How To Create A Winning Social Media Strategy?

Nov 11, 2022 by The Yellow Strawberry

Social media is a powerful tool that allows you to reach millions of people quickly in today's digital age. Although there are many brands on social networks, only a handful of them gets recognized. A good social media strategy is what makes this possible. How a Social Media Marketing Strategy can help take your brand and products from zero to hero.

You might be asking yourself a few questions about social media marketing. What are the benefits of social media marketing? What are its benefits? How to create a social media marketing strategy? We can help!

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media presence is essential if you want your brand to reach new heights. Social media marketing promotes your brand on digital platforms. This includes social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Social media can be used to market your brand and product. You just need to share relevant content in order to engage with your audience.

How can social media marketing help your company?

  1. Increased visibility for the brand via social media

  2. Large audience

  3. Brand Awareness

  4. Promotes sales

  5. Goodwill

  6. Brand equity

  7. Competition for tackle

  8. Increased brand recall value

What's Social Media Strategy?

Your brand's social media strategy is a communication plan that helps you achieve your business goals. These top social media marketing goals must be taken into account in order for your brand to reach new heights. You need to choose the right platform to reach your target audience. This helps you to understand your audience's preferences and needs. This strategy will help you build a strong brand reputation since it addresses customer problems and fulfils business goals.

Why Social Media Marketing Strategy is so Important?

Brands need to respond quickly on social media. A bad comment or tweet on social media can damage a brand's reputation. This can give you a huge advantage over your competitors.

Social media strategy prevents such situations from happening. It equips the brand to address customer problems before they occur and gives customers no reason to complain. Few social media agencies and social media departments can execute a well-planned strategy that understands customers and acts immediately.

If a shoe company is trying to market in India, they won't use god or cow in their marketing campaigns, as it might hurt the feelings of Indians. The internet would explode if the brand featured cow or god images on their shoes.

Sometimes organic social media strategy can save a brand. The brand used social media to save Nestle Maggi in 2015 when it was banned. The brand responded to all negative comments and queries from customers. They also maintained a strong front by stating that Maggi does not contain any MSG. Nestle Maggi won again the hearts of Indians by interacting on social media with customers.

How to Create a Social Media Strategy?

1. Find Your Purpose:

Ask yourself what you want your brand's campaign to accomplish before you start designing it or creating a strategy for social media.

  • Brand awareness or brand awareness?

  • It is to increase sales

  • Are you able to generate leads?

  • It is possible to get more followers.

  • How can you generate traffic to your site?

Let's suppose you want to increase the reach of your website through social media. What should you do? Your social media channels must redirect customers or viewers to the website. This can be achieved by organizing a contest via social media, which takes participants to the site or informing the audience about discounts and offers that can only be used on the website.

This strategy increased brand interaction on social media and drove sales to the website. A strong organic social media strategy that has a clear goal can make a difference for a brand.

2. Find out who your target audience is:

Your strategy will fail if your brand sells luxury high-end cars but markets them to the lower middle class via Facebook. Rich businessmen would be the ideal target audience for the car. They are able to afford the car and have the desire to buy it.

If you want to understand, what kind of audience suits your product category, use the Value, Attitudes & Lifestyle model. It allows you to understand the motivations of consumers for purchasing products. It helps you understand the primary motivations behind consumers' purchase behavior.

You can easily beat the competition if you understand your target audience's behavior. You can find out more about your target audience by conducting research:

  • What customers are you missing?

  • What social media platforms are they using?

  • Are they your target audience?

  • To divert the audience of your competitors to your brand, create a social media strategy.

3. Know your social media platforms:

Let's suppose that you are a brand selling agarbattis. Your primary target audience is housewives aged 30 and over. The main platform to promote your brand on Facebook is also for them. You will not see a spike in sales if you promote agarbattis via Twitter. This is because your target audience isn't there. Understanding your target audience is key to understanding which social media platform they use.

Not all content is suitable for every platform. You might market a product that requires many instructions. Twitter's 250-character limit means that you cannot promote your brand there. Email marketing and Facebook are both options to keep the viewers' attention.

Instagram's 24-hour story feature allows for short and temporary content to be posted, but it is not necessary for the long term. People have a shorter attention span on Instagram so the content must be brief and quirky to make it memorable.

You will also need to see:

  • Which platform has the highest conversion rate or clicks?

  • Compare your competitors and find out which platform they are using.

  • Make your content memorable by choosing the right social media platform

4. Relevant Content:

Your audience will not be interested in your brand if you are sharing outdated content. Keep up to date with current trends and incorporate them into your content.

For example, we are all surrounded by Coronavirus chit chats. Mumbai Police used this topic as content for their creative social-media strategy. Because it was relatable, it instantly made people feel connected to it.

It is your responsibility to find out what content resonates with your audience.

  • Are memes a thing?

  • Are there videos?

  • Are they stories?

  • Are they concept-driven posts?

Zomato promoted its brand using 'Harmoniumcha Meme'. The audience appreciates McDonald's concept-driven posts for a brand such as. Memes are great for young brands like Tinder.

To determine the right content for your audience and brand, you need to assess their personalities.

5. Execution and Evaluation:

Keep an eye on every stage of the organic social media strategy as you go.

  1. Look out for loopholes.

  2. Check to see if you can make rectifications in the middle or the middle of an ongoing campaign.

  3. Which platform attracts the most attention?

  4. What content is most appealing to the audience?

  5. Does there seem to be any negative feedback?

  6. What can we do to address the audience's questions & comments?

  7. Consider the following points when planning your next social media strategy.

  8. Create & curate engaging content.

This guide will help you understand the basics and inspire you to create your own organic social media strategy. Your brand will be visible on social media.

Why Choose The Yellow Strawberry for Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing (SMM), is the use of social media platforms to interact and build brands, increase sales, drive traffic to websites, and create brand loyalty. Social media usage is increasing around the globe via mobile and computer devices. This means that it's becoming increasingly difficult to get sales from certain users.

The Yellow Strawberry approaches these 3 main processes:

  • Strategies and Goals -
    We help your brand achieve social community goals with our strategic media marketing.

  • Social Media Advertising -
    We can increase brand visibility and conversions by using the right tools for paid advertising on social media platforms. immediately.

  • Analytics and Reporting -
    To make the most of social statistics, our experts continuously analyze them. Our monthly reports include detailed analysis of page growth, conversions, as well as measured results. This helps us to make adjustments in your marketing strategy.

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