How To Improve Your Content's CTR?

Nov 09, 2022 by The Yellow Strawberry

It can be difficult to predict the organic click-through rate (CTR). You must rank high on the Google search engine result pages (SERPs) to get a high CTR. This is a higher percentage of a searcher clicking on your links.

What can a business or brand do to get more clicks and rank high in search results? Optimizing your pages for search ranking is key.

These SERP features are crucial to increasing click-through rates. This blog will answer these questions as well as outline best practices to increase organic CTRs. Before we get to the main part of this blog, let's take a quick tour through Google SERPs basics.

Search Engine Results: Google Search returns pages upon pages of results when you search for any topic. These results are what search engine optimization (SEO), experts call SERPs.

The results are not random. They are ranked using an algorithm that finds the most relevant pages on the internet. We know from past trends that the highest-ranking result attracted the most clicks.

Paid Search Results: These are technically advertisements. These results are displayed in the right sidebar of Google SERPs to grab people's attention instantly. This valuable digital real estate can be snatched by the highest bidder on Google Ads for specific search terms.

Search results: These positions are earned and not paid. However, entities can try to compete for the top spot. If there are no paid results, the highest-ranking result will be displayed right below the search or paid bar.

The Anatomy Of Organic Search Results

The search results design remained the same for a long time. This is what Google searchers saw in 2006 after they submitted their queries to Google.

You can quickly search to see that things are different today but the common thread between them is traditional organic search results. This search results page staple, also known as standard snippets is well-known for its three essential elements.

Title (in blue): This is the most visible component. It's what searchers click to get to your page.

Page Description: This description is two lines long and provides information to searchers about the page.

URL Path (in black; used to be in red): This is also clickable, but it appears only to support the title/headline.

Introducing The SERP Features

We mentioned that non-traditional search phrases now populate the SERPs. These features are known as zero-click searches and satisfy the user's search intent. Google has been criticised for its rich snippets, which tend to reduce websites' organic click-through rates. However, these SERP features offer brands and businesses the chance to increase their Google CTR with their attention-grabbing layouts and images.

Below is a table listing the most popular search results page features as ranked by Moz. We won't go into detail about all of them. However, we will give you a quick overview of our top picks and how to get them on your website pages.

Featured Snippets

Instead of the standard format, featured Snippets include the descriptive text first, followed closely by the title, and then the link. These snippets are often found in position zero of search engine result pages, above organic listings.

This SERPs feature is useful for informational queries. It extracts information from the target page to allow searchers to quickly find answers to their questions.

How To Get A Higher Google CTR With Featured Snippets?

Moz stated that featured snippets are more popular than regular organic search results. You might also want to learn how to increase organic traffic by having your page placed in position zero.

Every SEO consultant who is a professional would tell you that positioning zero means aiming for or being number one on the SERPs. Keep creating high-quality content in order to remain competitive for your target keywords.

Be as detailed as you can in your content. Clear definitions, ordered and unordered lists (bullet points such as this section), tables, and similar formats are important.

Knowledge Card

This widget is at the top of desktop search results. This widget displays basic information by using a graph or table, or an image from the Knowledge Graph. This is Google's collection of data entities and their relationships, sourced from different databases, from open web sources to private partnerships.

Is it easy to appear on a knowledge card?

This feature is a benefit to users, even if you are an SEO expert. The Knowledge Graph can make the knowledge card difficult to access for many sites. You can, however, pay attention to the Knowledge Graph results and prioritize keywords that are affected.

Knowledge Panel

Knowledge panels are very similar to knowledge cards in their concept. These panels provide information about entities - peoples, places and things - from Knowledge Graph. The information can be expanded to include a title, summary, a longer description and photos.

Knowledge panels are usually located on the right side of the desktop search results page.

How to Improve CTR through Knowledge Panels?

Google could use information from your business listing to create a panel. You may also find details from social profiles, wiki pages and other sources. What is a good CTR boosting strategy to get into the Knowledge Graph

Make a Wikipedia page. Google draws information directly from Wikipedia which is 99.5 per cent accurate, according to estimates.

Create and optimize social media accounts starting with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Use Schema Markup to make Google understand how you organize information on your website.

Local Pack

Google's 3-Pack is a collection of three local business listings that may be returned by local searches. Instead of pulling results from Google's website index, it pulls information from the Google My Business directory (now Google Business). The SERPs display the most relevant listings first.

The Local Pack: How to Get to the Top in Google Search Results?

It is essential that you claim your Google listing if you own a physical address. This will allow you to be included in the Local Pack, and boost your digital presence. Also, you should:

* Verify that your listing includes your name, address, phone number, or NAP.

* Get reviews for your Google profile.

* Increase your visibility through backlinks, particularly those that are local.

* Increase traffic to your website through social media, which will increase your organic search results.

People also ask questions

This feature, also known as related questions on search engine results pages, is a collection of questions that Google's algorithm generates. These questions are selected based on their relevance to the original query and each expands to show the answer. They are served in a featured-snippet format.

How To Improve CTR With Related Questions?

You can already be a featured snippet placer by aiming for one. Here's how you can enhance your featured snippet strategy with this SERPs feature.

* Search this section for featured snippet keywords, which may be related to your keywords. Also, check if the questions are keywords.

* These questions can be answered in your content.


Star ratings and reviews are frequently displayed for products such as recipes. These ratings are displayed between the URL path description and page description. Moz claims that listings with reviews have a greater chance of increasing their organic click-through rates than listings without them.

How to Increase Organic Search Traffic by Using Reviews?

* We have already mentioned that you should get more reviews for your business profile.

* Show reviews on your website.

* Increase positive reviews with an effective strategy. A 2020 Statista poll found that 94% of respondents said positive reviews make them more likely to purchase from a business or to use their service.


YouTube videos, particularly, can display thumbnails, but only for specific keywords. You can also apply video schema markup in order to be eligible for video enhancements such as key moments. These are the video segments that Google recognizes in your video and presents to you based on their relevance.

These video-structured information techniques can help you increase your Google CTR with videos.

There are many moving parts that you need to keep track of, as you can see. Partnering with an affordable SEO company will help you improve your strategy in 2022.

How To Get To The Top Of Google Search Results In 2022?

Google's search results in design evolution are focused on user experience. This principle is also applied to the introduction of every SERP feature. Optimizing for knowledge panels, featured snippets and related questions are still optimizing for real people who are likely to engage with your content.

You've probably noticed an increase in organic click-through rates if you have been focused on increasing organic search traffic and delivering value-adding content for a while. You must still improve your strategy to increase CTR in the face of the many challenges and opportunities presented by the SERPs.

An organic SEO agency such as The Yellow Strawberry is able to help you achieve this. Our affordable SEO company has nearly two decades of experience positioning clients' websites high up in the SERPs and driving organic traffic along the way.

We can provide the best SEO experts to help you, along with a solid strategy that will align with your business goals. We offer technical SEO, organic SEO, conversion rates optimization (CRO), and link building.

If you have questions about the SERPs features or how to target them to increase your CTR, our team is happy to help. Reach out to us immediately to get started.

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