Top Powerful SEO Trends That Are Dominating In 2022

Sep 28, 2022 by The Yellow Strawberry

As more businesses realize the importance of organic top spots in search ranking, this year has been a fierce one for our SEO agency. It's clear why 93% of online experiences began with a search engine query last year. Ranking high in organic search results is crucial if you want to promote your business or content. The competition can be fierce.

How do you even begin to understand the latest SEO trends in 2022? Each year, you will see a new SEO trend emerge and disappear. Google's algorithm changes quickly. What worked last year may not work this year. It's nearly impossible to watch out for SEO trends in 2022 if you don't keep track of important website metrics.

We are an SEO agency that has served so many clients. This allows us to keep our fingers on the pulse of search engines. We have access to thousands upon thousands of data points about every SEO strategy we implement. This allows us to be 100% up-to-date on new trends, those that continue to succeed, those that are more powerful, and any that are no longer relevant.

Let's get to the point! These are the top 10 SEO trends in 2022 which we’ve seen.

1. Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals is the number one ranking factor in 2022. It has been a strong ranking factor and continues to grow stronger each year. Google uses Core Web Vitals to determine the user experience on a website.

Core Web Vitals is composed of three measures of interaction and speed: Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). LCP is the time it takes to load the largest content on a page. FID measures the time it takes for the site to respond after the user has made their first interaction with it. CLS measures how many page layout changes have been made during its lifetime.

Improving your Core Web Vitals will have a significant impact on your search engine performance.

2. "People Also Ask"

People also ask is one of the most popular search features. 48.4% were based upon "people also ask" out of 2.5 million queries.

You need to answer frequently asked questions in your content in order to rank higher in search results. This extends to the featured snippet. A keyword tool can be used to identify the keywords that your readers are looking for. Make sure you include your questions in the H2s H3s and the H4s of the content.

3. EAT

The quality of search engine algorithms changes, and so does the quality of content. You should follow the EAT principle when creating content: authority, trustworthiness, and expertise. Google uses EAT to determine whether a website is providing quality content.

These guidelines will help you improve your EAT.

* Create original content people search for.

* Cite your sources.

* Add a bio that reflects the author's expertise.

* Avoid auto-generated content, excessive advertisements, paid links campaigns, or content that is overtly "salesy".

4. High-Quality Backlinks

Building authority through backlinks will continue to be a major focus in 2022. I don't think this trend will change anytime soon. What I have observed is that backlink quality plays a significant role in how high you climb the ladder. Not all backlinks are created equal. Each year, quality over quantity is increasing.

5. Video

Online video platforms are growing rapidly and it is crucial to include video in your SEO strategy. According to research, video will make up 82% of all global IP traffic by 2022.

6. AI Content

The SEO trend in 2022 for optimizing content for search engines using AI is growing stronger. This strategy allows for quicker content creation and optimization.

When we need to produce large amounts of content quickly, AI has been a great filler. Humans still have to be involved in the evaluation and editing of AI-generated content in order to ensure that it is original and quality. Google can easily put you in jail for simply generating content and then adding it to the final piece.

7. Long-Form Content

Google and other search engines rank high-quality content higher than low-quality content. Although length doesn't directly impact content ranking, I find that longer content ranks higher in the end. Long-form content is key to Google's search criteria, which includes original research, analysis, depth and sourcing.

8. Schema Markup

Schema markup, which is code hidden behind your website's pages, is used by search engines to better understand the content of those pages. Rich snippets are created by Google using schema markup. These rich snippets provide more information and make your website more appealing to users.

I recommend Google's Markup Helper to help you rank higher in search engine results pages.

9. Refresh existing content

This is the most important and easiest to implement. Website owners need to go through their content and make improvements such as longer copy or better images.

10. Newer Sites That Have A Chance

Search engines recognize quality content better and can identify sites that offer a better user experience. Newer websites can rank higher if they create quality content and have high-performing websites.

These are the most popular SEO trends in 2022 that we've seen. You'll need to develop a system to monitor what's working and what's not as SEO becomes more important.


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Top Powerful SEO Trends That Are Dominating In 2022
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