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Social networks can be a significant part of any marketing strategy to improve your company's visibility and traffic. Social media marketing (SMM), in addition to providing businesses with a means to reach existing customers and to reach new ones with their products, has data analytics which allows marketers to track their success and find more ways to engage.

The Yellow Strawberry, Social Media Marketing Agency in Mumbai, India, empowers brands with creative content that informs and engages customers. The Yellow Strawberry offers social media marketing to help your brand reach the right audience via the right media channels.

Marketers are attempting to capitalize on the competitive advantage that engagement can bring to this important audience.


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What Are The Benefits of Social Media Marketing Services?

Both established and startups can benefit from social media marketing services. Social media marketing can result in increased search traffic, better SEO and healthier customer engagement.
Are you still unsure whether to invest in social media marketing? These are the top benefits of social media marketing that will help you make a decision.

Increase Your Online Exposure -

Social media marketing has become a powerful online marketing tool for brands and companies. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can help increase your company's visibility and interest. A social media marketing company in Mumbai, building a strategy that is effective and will increase engagements and social signals (such as likes, shares, and comments) which allow you to interact more effectively with an online community.

High Search Rankings -

Search engines such as Google and Bing now include updates, tweets, profiles, and comments in their result pages. This recognizes the importance of social interaction. Your search rankings will improve if more people share your content on social media.

Targeting Specific Audiences -

Your content won't convert if it doesn’t reach the right audience, no matter how engaging and valuable it is. Social media marketing allows you to identify your ideal customers and classify them by their online activities and age. Social media marketers analyze the online behavior of your target market and create relevant ads and content that meet their needs.

Improved Customer Reach -

A Global Web Index study found that 54 per cent of online users use social media platforms to conduct product research. 49% of consumers rely on social media influencers for recommendations when searching for brands. A solid marketing strategy from the top social media marketing company in Mumbai can help you increase brand awareness and position yourself with the right customers.

Complete Brand Control -

Social media marketing packages can be tailored to meet your financial needs. You have total control over your brand, budget, and social media content marketing strategy. You can use social media to market to appeal to your target audience. This will allow you to maintain a professional image and ensure that your B2B social marketing is on point.

Increased Customer Trust -

Knowing how to use social marketing to market allows you to create a thought leader brand and build deep, meaningful relationships with your followers. To keep your target market informed, our social media marketing agency posts valuable content and participates in online conversations about the company. Social media video marketing is also used to share testimonials from clients, case studies, and other content that supports your brand's legitimacy. These strategies are essential in building trust with consumers and intimate relationships with your followers.

Multiple Marketing Options -

You don't have to use Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram for your social media marketing. There are many other marketing options that you can use to promote the business. These include Snapchat, Messenger, WeChat and Tumblr social media marketing. Our social media marketing company in Mumbai conducts extensive business reviews, audience analysis, and competitor benchmarking in order to identify the most profitable social media marketing platforms for your business.

Increased Profitability -

Social media marketing is cost-effective and can reach your ideal customers without spending a lot of money. You can showcase your products and services on a variety of social media platforms. Social media marketing has the added benefit of reaching unlimited prospects from different locations, without having to do additional work or incur more costs.


Social Media Marketing Process

From a user perspective, the process of Social Media Marketing is very simple. A strong social media presence is a great way to engage and communicate with current and potential customers. Social Media allows you to communicate with customers every day to promote your products or services, and also receive valuable feedback. Your brand must be different from others. We have ideas and strategies that can help you reach new customers.

As the best social media agency in Mumbai, The Yellow Strawberry will help you understand your marketing strategies and how to best apply them to social media platforms.

Get Social :

The Yellow Strawberry Team will meet you to discuss your Social Media Marketing plans and begin planning the first phase. Certain questions like:

  • Are you able to access all your accounts?
  • Are your social accounts and feeds linked to your website?
  • Are you using a "Page" instead of a "Profile?"
  • What does your Social Media account look like?
  • Are they properly designed?
  • What are your current methods of managing leads, likes, follows, and other interactions on your Social Network?
  • Which type of re-marketing are you involved with?

These are just a few of the things you need to know. We can move on to Phase 2 once we have the basics down. We can create a page for clients who do not have access to their pages.

Account Creation & Business Center -

The second phase will see The Yellow Strawberry connect a new account to our account. This account is being monitored by the Facebook advertising team. That's right. Facebook can also view everything we do to make sure it works for you. After our representative approves your account, we can begin the process of building your campaigns. Your campaign will target a particular target group. Your team will discuss your goals and begin to create the campaign.

Campaign Building, Targeting, & Tracking -

This phase will see your campaign integrated into your new advertising account. We will use the expertise, techniques and guidelines we have developed. Your budget and target audience will be used by the Yellow Strawberry team to build your campaign. You can set a budget per day or per month.

After these areas have been identified, we can begin the design phase of the campaign to ensure that it matches your brand. This proven method will help you target exactly the audience you desire.

The campaign's tracking data is then added to areas such as websites, landing pages, forms, and other areas. To track the number of visitors to that campaign.

Engagement and Scheduling -

Now that your campaign is launched, it's time for you to review your engagement ideas and post schedule. This phase allows us to post and interact with coupons, contests, and other tools.

The Yellow Strawberry will create a plan for you to interact with new visitors and "Likes" on pages and profiles. Based on your services and business, we will design a program that will gain interaction via all Social Media Networks.
These posts will not only work on Facebook, but also across all your profiles, such as LinkedIn and Twitter.
You are now on your way once your post plan has been scheduled and activated.

Let the likes begin -

Congratulations! Congratulations! To get the most out of your Social Media Marketing Program, you will be working closely with our Social Media Team.
The Social Media Marketing Program should be integrated into all aspects of your online network, including websites, email marketing, landing pages, and other areas. These are all services that you do not use. Talk to us about how your online tools can be used to help your Social Media Marketing Plan.

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Why Choose The Yellow Strawberry for Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing (SMM), is the use social media platforms to interact and build brands, increase sales and drive traffic to websites. Social media usage is increasing around the globe via mobile and computer devices. This means that it's becoming increasingly difficult to get sales from certain users.

The Yellow Strawberry is an award-winning social-media management company. We offer full transparency so that you can see how we are increasing your online revenues. We are committed to delivering effective social media marketing strategies and management. This makes us a valuable resource for all your online marketing needs.

The Yellow Strawberry approaches the following 3 main processes:
  • Strategies and Goals -

    We help you brand achieve social community goals with our strategic media marketing.

  • Advertising on Social Media -

    We can increase brand visibility and conversions by using the right tools for paid advertising on social media platforms. immediately.

  • Analytics and Reporting -

    To make the most of social statistics, our experts continuously analyze them. Our monthly reports include detailed analysis of page growth, conversions, as well as measured results. This helps us to make adjustments in your marketing strategy.


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A post is content that you share on social networks for your followers to view organically. An ad is paid content that targets a different audience based on interests and demographics than your followers. We recommend that you promote important posts and relevant posts on social media to increase the chances of people seeing them.

Most social media platforms recommend posting at least once per week. However, some social media outlets can be more frequent than that. If your team has the time to post on Pinterest and Twitter, you can make them more frequent.

It is important to do research and find out which social media channels your target audience prefers. Using this information, optimize your presence on the social media platforms where your audience is most likely to engage. Also, consider the products and services that you offer to find the right platform for your brand and messaging. Last but not least, consider your business goals and choose the platforms that will best support them.

A digital marketing strategy should include social media. Many social media marketing companies in Mumbai use social media for top-of-the-funnel marketing. Then, they use paid advertising on social networks to drive middle-of–funnel and bottom-of–funnel results. Because users expect information quickly, it has influenced video and design strategies.

Above all, social media costs you time. Spend time creating assets, writing descriptions, and engaging in community engagement (answering questions, sharing content, etc.). If you choose to pay for professionally designed assets or hire an agency that can manage your channels, there are real costs. The cost of social media marketing in Mumbai can vary greatly from vendor to vendor. You don't get what you pay for if your budget is too low.

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