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Nodejs and React for Web Development

The growing success of JavaScript has brought a lot of improvements, and today the face of web development is very different.

The stuff we can today do on the Web with the server and browser-based JavaScript was difficult to imagine a few years ago or were embedded in sandboxed environments such as Flash and Javan Applets. We will learn about the react js and node.js developers and why to use them in this post.

React js

Just to be online on the social media site, at least ten posts are certainly worth clicking each day. It's enough. This is also the case for ReactJS. So with Yellowstrawberry, you will be able to find the best react jsapp developers in Mumbai with us.

The developers of ReactJS seem to want to write and share their experience in coding. Therefore you will find forums, blogs and many more with the knowledge that is interesting and realistic. Here is a feature article on the ReactJS framework which definitely deserves to be read. Yeah, check it out!

What is React, and why it is important to learn?

React is a JavaScript UI library developed in May 2013 (and still maintained) by Facebook. It uses JavaScript for the creation and simple components of the state machine that easily makes interactive content.

Since ReactJS is a powerful front JavaScript library, if you wish to create wonderful applications, Yellowstrawberry, will able to help you find the best react jsapp developers in Mumbai. Behind Amazon, PayPal, the BBC, CNN, and many other technology giants this is a guiding force. In addition, the modular library can be added to any needs to create lightweight applications on your preferred technology stack. Using Respond to create something scalable — dashboards of details, messaging apps, social networking apps, single-page apps, and even personal blog pages.

Node js

Node.js was apparently written by Ryan Dahl in 2009, some 13 years after the launch of the first JavaScript server-side environment - Netscape's LiveWire Pro Web. The original release was supported only by Linux and Mac OS X.

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment that runs JavaScript code outside a Web-browser, open-source cross-platform, back-end. Node.js allows developers to write command-line tools and scripting on a server, using JavaScript — running server-side scripts, to create dynamic content on the web page before submitting a page to the web browser of the user. Yellowstrawberry will help you find out thebest node.js developers in Mumbai.

What is Node js, and why it is important to learn?

Node js uses JavaScript environment for runtime this allows having an infrastructure that easily helps in running an application. It is a lightweight and flexible way of running code on a cross-platform basis.

The main benefits of the Node are:

  • Designed high-traffic applications (e.g. chats or gaming) in real-time is very fast.
  • It helps you to code on both client and server sides in JavaScript
  • Increases development process productivity as it bridges the gap between frontend and backend developers (more on this later),
  • Developers can use several tools and modules in a growing NPM (Node Package Manager), which will further improve their productivity.
  • Code runs more easily than any other language;
  • Node is ideal for microservices that are popular among companies.

Nodejs can be used with React?

Yeah, Nodejs is certainly the most comfortable hosting platform and runs a web server for a React programme. It's for two principal reasons:

The node functions alongside the NPM registry to instal any package easily via the NPM CLI, using NPM(Node Package Manager).
Node clusters a React programme to a single file with a web pack and several more Node modules for quick compilation.

  • To ensure both consistency and quantity, Nodejs uses a speed optimised V8 engine to address voluminal requests handled by callback functions
  • Both Nodejs and React are javascript languages, both client and server.
  • In the Nodejs framework, developers can execute Reactjs code directly.
  • The React DOM has components that are designed specifically for Nodejs to minimise code lines, making it relatively simple to server-side rendering.

You still need Nodejs to run React in the background?

Decision-makers occasionally presume that they must have a backend of Nodejs to run Reactjs. That's not true; each time you use React, you don't need Nodejs.
See Reactjs is a library that is used only to render the Web and mobile applications' user interfaces. Nodejs is on contrary, a runtime environment for managing server-side data communication. It is used to provide real-time data management through networks in networking applications.
For various purposes, both respond and node exists in the developer's ecosystem. Therefore before you enter the development process, it is important to evaluate their applications.
Whereas Reactjs can be used only for compiling UI components on the front end, Nodejs handles the backend info. Reactjs offers tools such as reaction router and redux, which provide a direct connection that Nodejs can control on the server-side.
So if the user interacts with the UI (Reactjs), and a server request is made—by sending data according to the URL path defined in the backend (Nodejs), the browser responders correctly.


Yellowstrawberry gives you an idea about the react and nodejs. We will be providing you with the best react app developers in Mumbai also the best node.js developers in Mumbai to give you the kick start in your enterprise. In addition, the application is flexible, making it easier for consumers/users to configure the application on their own according to their needs. Yellow strawberry is an eminent name in the web and mobile development industries with extensive experience in creating the best apps.

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