A Complete Guide On How Much Does It Cost To Build An App In 2022

Aug 23, 2022 by The Yellow Strawberry

This question is probably something you've asked a few times, especially if you are interested in app development.

The average cost of developing an app depends on different factors varies accordingly.

How is The Android App Development Cost Calculated?

This article gives an in-depth analysis of the state of global software development markets. This article will show you how to calculate mobile app development costs, what factors impact the price and how to manage app development costs effectively to avoid future surprises.

These are just a few of the points that this guide covers:

  • App development costs breakdown for 2022

  • The key factors that influence the price of developing an app

  • Calculation techniques for app development cost

  • How do they affect the average cost of app development

  • How The Yellow Strawberry calculates the cost of android app development?

Let's get to the bottom of the cost calculation.

What Does it Cost to Create An App?

According to Goodfirms' survey, the average development is a simple app that includes a few basic features, such as a login system and user profile facility. It also has a dashboard and limited administration.

A medium complexity app includes a variety of features that allow for user engagement and app revenue generation. These apps offer basic features such as social media integrations, payment gateways, audio/video streaming, privacy, and so on.

Complicated apps integrate the most recent technology, such as AR/VR or AI. These apps include multi-language support and high-end data logic.

This was the survey's basic app development budget estimate. However, it is possible that the actual development cost will vary depending on the goals of the application.

An accurate mobile app development cost estimate is dependent on several factors, such as the project's size and type.

 Factors That Impact The Cost of Building An Application

There are many factors that influence the cost of mobile app development. These factors will allow you to make the most efficient decisions and get the highest return on your development investment. This will help you to stay within your budget.

Let's now look at the main factors that impact the overall cost of mobile app development.

Functionalities and Features

How much it costs to build an app will depend on what features and functions you include in the application. With the addition of new features, the base price of the app you want to create keeps increasing. Your mobile app development costs will go up the more functionalities and features you add to your app.

It is best to focus on the core features of the first version of your app. This will allow you to provide a great customer experience while keeping costs low.

App Category

How much it costs to create an app depends on the category. Many things change when we move between categories, such as the number of users and security criteria. This ultimately results in varying development costs.

  1. Stand Alone Applications - These apps do not require a network and are not dependent on any device features. These apps have low development and data costs, which is a win-win situation for both the users and the business. Example- Clock, Calendar.

  2. Social Networking Apps - The Facebook initiative is now being carried on by many other brands.

A social networking app can integrate with other apps and devices like media files, cameras, real-time messaging, location-based services, real-time sync and the latest trend in in-app purchases.

  1. On-Demand Apps - Businesses create an on-demand app that caters to three users - the user and the person who delivers the service. The UI and flow of the app are completely different for each one, which increases the app development cost.

The category also requires a variety of features, including in-app payments, real-time sync and real-time tracking as well as chat support, rate-and-review support and notifications.

  1. Enterprise Mobile Applications- Enterprise apps are more precise than other categories of apps. Enterprise apps require more development effort because employees will use the apps as a support element in their work process.

App Design & Animation

App design is the next thing that will impact how much it costs to create an app. App design is crucial to ensure that users spend their time with your app. There are two choices when it comes to app design: Standard or Custom. The Standard UI is easier to design and implement, making it more costly.

App Platform

It is important that you choose a platform before you begin the mobile app development process. You can build an iOS, Android or web application depending on who you are targeting. It's best to choose one platform initially if you have a limited budget. Later, you can switch to other platforms.

  1. Native apps for Android and iOS - While there are a few differences in the cost of Android apps, Android apps tend to be more expensive than iOS apps. This is because Android apps can be used on multiple devices with different OS versions. However, this is rarely an issue in iOS. Language-wise, iOS app development is done using Swift, Objective C, and Java, while Android App Development uses Java and/or Kotlin.

  2. Web App - Apps such as Progressive Website Apps, and other forms of web apps are more cost-effective than native apps.

  3. Cross Platform Apps - It is now possible to have an app for iOS and Android at the same time, which is a cost-saving move. This platform offers many benefits, including single code usage and reduced development effort.

  4. Flutter - Flutter is a new player in the market. Flutter offers a completely native experience, detailed documentation support, and an app running time of only 60 FPS. Flutter app development costs are higher because the platform is new and Dart programmers are not yet available.

  5. React Native - Over time, React Native has been synonymous with cross-platform application development. Many brands have adopted this framework to make their presence on both iOS and Android simultaneously. React Native app development costs less than native app development or Flutter app development.

  6. Hybrid Apps - hybrid apps are a mix of native and web apps. It is installed as a native app but runs in a web view component.

Three frameworks are commonly used for hybrid app development: Sencha Touch, PhoneGap and Ionic. But hybrid apps are losing their place to cross-platform native app design which is offered by Flutter and React Native.

 App Maintenance

Undoubtedly, costs do not end with the final stage of mobile app development. To keep up with changing market trends and the new OS versions, businesses will need to update their apps. This comes at a cost.

Code Reuse

This is one of the key factors that reduce the cost of mobile app development. The mobile app development cost is reduced when businesses reuse existing code and only change branding elements.

The Yellow Strawberry advises businesses to keep the most important elements, such as login and contact us, separate. You should create the rest of your brand identity from scratch.

How Apps Can Make You Money?

There are many ways to monetize your app. In this section, we will focus on the most popular revenue channels that apps use to generate more revenue and increase customer value. Let's take a look at each of these monetization strategies one by one.


This is one of the best ways to make money with an app. This monetization model allows you to promote third-party products or services on your application and get paid in return.


Users are allowed to access basic features free of charge under this monetization model. Premium features require users to pay a fee in order to access them. You can also implement secondary revenue streams such as in-app advertisements with freemium.


To access the most popular features of the app, the user must purchase a subscription plan. This model offers many options, including monthly subscriptions, yearly subscriptions, and per-day subscriptions. Subscriptions can be managed through major platforms such as Google and Apple.


Sponsorship is about finding a sponsor that fits your niche and negotiating a compensation plan. The app can include the brand of the sponsor, promote its products or direct users to its website in return for monetary compensation.


How The Yellow Strawberry Can Help You Estimate The Cost of App Development?

How much does it cost for an app to be created? It's not easy to answer this question. All the factors that influence your app idea will help you calculate the cost to make it a reality.

The Yellow Strawberry offers top-notch mobile application development services if you feel the process of calculating the final costs of mobile app development is too difficult. These experts are skilled in creating and launching innovative apps with the latest features and functionalities.

A global bank recently had its banking processes automated using AI and other ML technologies. Our team implemented an AI-based chatbot assistant that works in seven languages in the bank's mobile and web apps.

Our client was able to decrease manual processes by 35%, and increase accuracy by 50%. They can also handle more than 50% of customer service inquiries via chatbot, which reduces manpower costs by 20%.

Another client was helped to redefine UI/UX strategy in order to increase mobile app conversions by 23%. Users are spending more time in the app to place orders and track their progress in real-time.

Contact us if you're interested in creating such innovative apps, or if you need a rough estimate to create an app for your company.

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