Android App Development Cost In India

Nov 19, 2020 by The Yellow Strawberry

How is the android app development cost in India decided?
The Yellow Strawberry is one of the best android app development companies in Mumbai which provides incomparable service and customer support. There are certain factors that one needs to be familiar with in order to understand the android app development cost in India. The journey of developing an app for your business starts from the very core which is that the business and revenue generation plans. The revenue or business model is the biggest drive behind the value of developing the app.

An e-commerce app involves even longer time duration and price to develop. However, a price or cost list matters especially when you’re on a budget. But mobile app development may be a batch more. You would like to think about the following factors as well.

Types of Applications

A mobile app, in layman terms may be a software program developed to run, specifically on mobile devices and tablets.

Essentially, it's going to perform an equivalent task as your website but the method is formed to be significantly more efficient and user-friendly.

Now, are all apps the same? Definitely not. And so, the android app development cost in India is different for the different kinds.

There are three sorts of mobile applications – Web, Native and Hybrid. No wonder there are alternative ways to develop an app. Let’s take a glance at each one of those types.

1. Web Application:

It has been well established through conclusive evidence found by several surveys that over 80% of smartphone users prefer apps over mobile websites. Web apps are your websites optimized for mobile users.

2. Native Application:

A native application may be a sort of mobile app developed for specific operating systems that's either Android or IOS and may be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google PlayStore.

Native apps are more complex but provide an unmatched user experience, for a way to develop an app.They have to be developed separately for Android and iOS Platforms.

3. Hybrid Application:

A relatively simpler app to develop, a hybrid app functions on one programing language and may work on both platforms.

These applications generally perform like native apps, and are easier to develop and manage. However, the user experience of native apps is best, for mobile app development requirements.


Now that we've set a base, it’s time to work out what platform to use.

The app is often made accessible across several platforms like IOS, Android, Windows, and Web or all at once. The solution to this depends on where the customer is.

One should know that Android and Apple IOS have significantly different interfaces and systems, therefore, apps developed for these platforms are definitely different.

Android vs. IOS isn't a simple choice. It’s advised to consider both if the pocket allows.

Knowing that two different apps need to be developed for the respective platforms and therefore the cost is going to be according to that.

The Functionalities of the App:

As mobile apps are getting more and more advanced, there's virtually no limit to what an app can do.

The cost, therefore, can start at a couple of hundred dollars and go skyrocketing to quite a few thousands. Take into consideration the subsequent sorts of App to understand the android app development cost in India in more detail:

A List App – The app may be a mobile-optimized version of the web site and can generally list all the knowledge at various categories.

A Dynamic App – Apps supported by Facebook, as an example, will need to be connected to a server to collect the knowledge from the application. The complexity of such an app and its APIs may result in great variations in terms of cost.

Games – These are the foremost complex apps to develop and arguably the foremost expensive. With complex games using AI gaining heavy traction, the 3D environments and advanced physics can definitely cost a bombshell.

These three are categories which will define applications broadly, apps lately are so varied that it's not going to be possible to possess definitive categories that incorporate all of them.Each unique functionality that you would get incorporated will carry a further cost.

Visual Design and UI/UX:

The first look of the app is often a maker or a deal-breaker. The app market is competitive and it is quite sensible that each one company are quickly eager to enter the stores.

However, planning is a crucial element of innovative and disruptive apps, which is extremely often ignored. The importance of excellent design exceeds what an app seems like, it’s about the experience. The stats aren't far behind thereon and state that companies that foster good design enjoy 1.5x larger market share. Among all the other android app development companies in Mumbai, The Yellow Strawberry understands this prospect very well.

Great designs come at a price. You’ll note serious differences within the designs of $200 designer and $2000 designer, and to form an app that looks fantastic, dispensing a couple of dollar bills is an investment instead of just an expense.On a good note, the android app development cost in India is far lesser than in US.

How your app performs, its functionality, and the whether it is easily navigable or not, all this will depend upon the UX development.

A cluttered app which is not easy to understand will be uninstalled quickly. Great app designers, like the ones we have at The Yellow Strawberry, can make your app look so good that users wouldn’t want to place their phones down.

Legalities & Licenses

You might have thought that developing an app is going to be the last cost determining factor but there are some costs which will not be direct but are usually important.

Your property within the app is useful and needs to be protected.

Copyrights, Patents, and Trademarks will do this. If the knowledge on your app is your IP it’s important to patent it as it prevents people from taking advantage of it.

Trademarks protect the names. If you’ve got a reputation that stands proud, it’s worth trademarking. Copyrights protect your visual and written content from being plagiarized.

Several apps are developed on templates that need to be licensed for the utilization. And to deploy apps on the Android store or the App store of Apple, the license needs to be bought.

The licensing service may be a secure means of controlling access to your applications and to guard it too.

Support and Maintenance:

Technical support for managing updates, APIs, user profiles and data and even monitoring customers may be a crucial a part of an app’s functionality.

Without appropriate support, the app won't be ready to do what it had been developed for.

New features will cost you money. About 20% of your total cost is going to be spent on enhancing existing features and refining of the app.This is an on-going process and with every change in technology, new updates are required to make your app to beupdated and smooth functioning.

The Total Investment:

The time and price of app development will largely depend upon the complexity of the app.

It is difficult to place variety on what proportion your app may cost due to the various and subjective determinants. Though here are some average costs, to assist you to get a thought.

In the US, it's going to cost around $8k to develop a basic app, however, in India the cost to develop the same app could be half of it without any compromise.

A complex app will need experienced mobile app developers to figure out the APIs, social media integration, backend support, and sophisticated functionalities.

Such apps are going to be costlier to develop generally around $40k to $80k. An Android version of a similar app may cost over $100k in the US. As the android app development cost in India is cheaper, it's likely to cost around $35k for the same job.

There are several top android app development companies in Mumbai but The Yellow Strawberry would prove to be more reliable to you as we have a team of skilled, efficient and driven developers. Our services are designed keeping in mind the most essential wants and needs of our clients. We do not proceed without doing a thorough research of the market and mobile applications. 

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