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Feb 17, 2020 by Anil Gupta

Smartphones have become a necessity of our lives. We can’t even imagine our lives without these gadgets. We are reliable on the apps. For example, for a fitness freak, fitness apps are mandatory and he/she will track their performance through these apps. Even food delivery apps are helpful for us as they get us the fresh food in the minimum time at the comfort of our homes. But what if these apps stop working or someone finds a fault in them. Though the app development companies always try to solve the queries of the users immediately, but sometimes the problems are at a large level, and require special teams for correcting the issues. 

App Development as a good Career Option - 

People are choosing app development as good career options. It does not require any pre-requisite knowledge. Hence, everyone can get their hands on the skill and become app developers. The industry offers a good amount to them, and they can even get freelance projects and earn extra. People with a zeal for mobile application development can start their career as app developers and become successful. 

Mobile app developers in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra, claims to fulfil the dreams of every Indian. The beautiful city is home to a huge population. While it is full of film stars and Bollywood celebrities, there are other job opportunities in Mumbai as well. IT is a vast sector not only in Mumbai, but in the whole country. There are many mobile app development companies in Mumbai ready to serve the customers every now and then. 

Among a lot of app developers in Mumbai, you need to know about the right ones. Before that, it is equally important to know about the need for app development. 

Necessity for An App Development - 

Our dependence on mobile apps has made the need for the development of them essential. The apps need to be updated as they provide us different facilities. The scope of mobile app development has spread over and constant change and update is required. App making companies try to maintain a close check on the latest changes in the apps and develop their apps accordingly. 

What does an App Development Company Do?

An app development company has to do a lot of things. We can take android and iOS for instance. These are used in our routine lives and have occupied a place which can’t be replaced. While looking out for an app development company, one should know about its roles and responsibilities. The following are some of the tasks it has to perform. 

  1. Mobile App Development: Mobile App Development is divided into two categories mentioned under. 
  2. Android: The applications on android smartphones are built in a different manner. Hence, a mobile app development agency has a separate team for the android development. 

  3. iOS: These companies also have to employ a separate team for the iOS development. This team takes care of the iOS versions of the apps.

  4. Game Development: Many app development companies include game development in their offered services. They try to elevate the gaming experience of the gamers on their smartphones. 

  5. Creation of apps on Windows: Apart from Android and iOS, there are apps on windows as well. Similarly, these apps also require update and development from time to time. The companies are responsible for these tasks as well. 

  6. iPad Development: Similar to the iOS app development, iPad Development is also a task for which the app development companies are responsible. There are many iPad Development Companies in Mumbai.

The Yellow Strawberry is one such company that helps its customers and clients regarding mobile app development and web development. The company is also a digital marketing agency; hence, people find it beneficial as it has a number of amenities under a single roof. These people are among the top-notch iOS developers in Mumbai and ensure the complete services are satisfactory. The Yellow Strawberry works into different domains. One of the major domains is the game development. Game development is not an easy task, but the dedicated team achieves its targets on time and never fail to satiate the clients. 

Services offered by The Yellow Strawberry

Knowing about any company beforehand is very important. Before hiring any company or agency, one needs to know about the services provided by them. One can consider the following unique services of The Yellow Strawberry to hire the agency for various purposes and get the perfect solutions to all problems. 

  1. Mobile App Development: The Yellow Strawberry has the most accurate solutions to the issues of mobile apps. No matter the apps are for android, or for the iOS version, the company has always catered to the needs of its clients and gave amazing results. Though there are numerous mobile app development companies in Mumbai, The Yellow Strawberry offers the best development services in the city. The best feature of the company includes the development of custom apps, i.e. apps designed for a special purpose. The company ensures that the apps developed by them are able to work in hybrid environments, and are compatible to working on different devices. The Yellow Strawberry is also one among the best app development companies for windows phones in Mumbai. 
  2. Web Page Designing and Development:  There are many companies that have many versions of their apps. For example, Amazon has a different web page and different mobile app. The Yellow Strawberry is also proficient in creating and developing web pages. The web pages created by the company result in the growth of businesses of clients. The team ensures the SEO friendly designs created by them maximise the presence of your business on the Internet.  They develop the web pages by converting PSD to HTML. They check multiple times that the designs are SEO optimized and pixel- perfect HTML before handing over to the client. 

  3. Complete Enterprise Solutions: Mobile application development company in Mumbai, The Yellow Strawberry is a company on which you can rely for mobile app development, web app development and enterprise development. The solutions of Business Process Management (BPM) help the organizations to achieve the desired results at time. Its enterprise integrated applications allow the organizations to improve the quality of the business. These solutions also help the operations of the businesses smoothly. They also create wireless and mobile solutions for enterprises. These wireless solutions enhance the speed and efficiency of the businesses. Using them, any enterprise can incorporate flexibility to its business processes and grow at a fast pace. 

  4. Website Development: The task of website development is very complex. But, the experienced and dedicated team of The Yellow Strawberry loves to handle the complicated tasks. The team is a pro at developing even the most difficult websites easily. The team here caters to the needs of the clients and create, or develop the websites accordingly. The website development services include custom development, CMS development, and e-commerce development. Through CMS Development, it provides plugins like WordPress, Shopify, etc. Lastly, e-commerce services ensure the growth of businesses and improvement in the shopping experiences of customers. 

  5. Game Development: The Yellow Strawberry is one of the best game developers in Mumbai. Since people have forgotten to play outdoor games, The Yellow Strawberry tries to enhance the virtual gaming experience of the players. The team understands the need of specific gamers and tries to develop the games and other features. It not only corrects the issues in the games, but it is also responsible for the game development. Though game development falls under the umbrella of app development, but it a vast sector itself. Ever since virtual games have become a vital part of people’s lives, The Yellow Strawberry has given the best gaming experience to them.  

  6. UI and UX Designing: UI and UX are integral parts of any IT enterprise and need to work closely. While UI stands for User Interface, UX refers to User Experience. Both are the major pillars of an IT company on which the company relies for knowing the behaviours of the customers. Though UX is still new in the industry, UI has been there for a long time. The Yellow Strawberry team is expert at designing both UI and UX for their clients. The UI and UX designing comprises of Research & Strategy, User Experience and Wireframing & Prototyping. It is also responsible for the development once the designing gets over. 

  7. Digital Marketing: The online presence of any company has become very important to become successful. For this, one can hire The Yellow Strawberry and locate oneself on the Internet. It also serves as a digital marketing agency for its clients. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMO) and PPC Planning & Marketing are the major services it offers for the clients. Being a digital marketing company along with providing various IT solutions adds feather to the hat. While a client looks for IT solutions and digital marketing solutions separately, The Yellow Strawberry solves both these issues under a single roof. 

Why Choose The Yellow Strawberry?

Everyone wants to work with the best team, or the best company. The following points make The Yellow Strawberry best in town for mobile and web app development as well as for digital marketing.

  1. Portfolio: The Yellow Strawberry has clearly mentioned about its work profile. A good company or agency always shows what it does. This transparency attracts clients and also gives them a brief insight of the working methods. 

  2. Positive Vision: The Yellow Strawberry believes in the long term success plans. The growth at a consistent pace will definitely boost the business in future. 

  3. Branding: It ensures to make your company become fairly visible on the internet. Its digital marketing solutions are effective enough to create awareness among people about your business and let it emerge as a brand. 

  4. Expertise: Expertise in any skill always proves fruitful for the individual as well as the organization. It helps the company grow faster and brings the relevant experience to the individual. The trained employees are reliable and efficient for the company. 

  5. Reliability: All the business relations are based on reliability. Similar is the case with The Yellow Strawberry. It maintains a cordial and long term relation with its clients. You can choose them over any other android application development company in Mumbai

  6. Alliance: The employees at The Yellow Strawberry believe in team work. The team work closely on the project and follows a non-disclosure policy. Hence, you can trust them if you are planning for a surprise project. 

  7. Versatility: The team of The Yellow Strawberry is always ready to work according to the needs of the clients. It becomes flexible as per your business needs till the projects get over. 

  8. Skilled Employees: The employees of The Yellow Strawberry have a special skill set which helps them achieve the targets easily. The constant practice has given them abundant experience to perform any task comfortably. 

  9. Prices: The Yellow Strawberry is a very big name in the market. But to the surprise, the prices are reasonable and affordable. It charges you worth the work. 

  10. Clients: The Yellow Strawberry is the first choice of many companies. Its list of clients is full of big and renowned brands. It promises to deliver them the best quality solutions at time. 

The above points let you relax your search for the best mobile app development company in Mumbai. Considering them, you can hire The Yellow Strawberry as your helping hand for developing mobile apps at the most reasonable price. If you own a web page, it can help you design and develop it too. Want to enjoy some games, but having problems? Leave it to them also. They will never disappoint you.  And, last but not the least; ensure the growth of your business by opting The Yellow Strawberry’s digital marketing services in Mumbai.

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