End to End Enterprise Mobile App Development Services To Scale Your Business

Sep 29, 2020 by TYS

Tips to Choose Mobile App Development Company In this digitally smart world, Mobile apps offer an unprecedented opportunity for businesses which helps to make an easy approach to reaching out to their customers. In every sector & industry, mobile apps have accomplished their marketing value through this effective way to reach with target audiences from the e-commerce sector and payment gateways & banks to the food delivery and healthcare sector. We at The Yellow Strawberry help you to add value to your ideas for your business with our passion and innovative expertise in mobile app development services. Our mobile app development team delivers the best solution from inception to delivery and will even help to support and maintain your mobile app.

Nowadays, platforms are shifting from web to mobile extending the reach of everyone. Content-rich portals and services are made available on a mobile following the mobile-first approach. Studies say that today’s youth spends 5-6 hours every day on mobile. On average 3+ devices are used by a person for working or non-working activities. However, reaching the user through a mobile app can be done by the below platforms

Mobile App Development Services

iOS App Development: Entire apple products including phones, wearables, TVs, cars, and homes can be connected by IOS mobile apps only. Apple by far is known for its best user experience and best practices for ensuring outstanding user experience. iOS App Development is done for both mobile and tablets however there can be specific iPad App development that takes place only for IPAD providing a retail solution for various vendors.

iPad App Development: Retail solution is a retail application that is very much popular in the USA and Europe for selling products at retail outlets. With the firm design, iPhone apps have to build repo of the most trusted products maintaining a high level of data security matching with nobody.

Android App Development: Android is the most popular platform used for mobile phones and tablets. It's an open-source highly customizable operating system led by Google and used by most mobile and tablet application providers. Since Android is open-source and led by google, Android App development is very much popular among vendors like Samsung, MI, Asus, VIVO, etc. for the highly customized operating system as per their need and provides their solution on top of the Android operating system.

Windows App Development: Powered by Windows 10, Windows apps uncovered the full potential and benefits of native windows 10 GUI components. Maintaining the highest level of security, it provides a channel to promote any business and service to customers making things work at their fingertips. With a single API, single package, and one store, one is capable of reaching all windows devices available providing a rich platform to reach all at once.

Delivering powerful app solutions for all your business needs/Goals

Mobile App Development services are quite popular these days and we are the best providers of Mobile App Development services doing iOS App Development, iPad App Development, Android App development, and windows app development. Below are the few key features where our app solutions are quite popular

User Experience: User experience is key to any mobile application. 64% of employees rarely use an application having poor user response. Any app without a ‘wow’ design won’t get used much. At Yellow Strawberry, we got experts with the desired skills to create an extraordinary user experience for Mobile App Development services.

Cross-platform: Today we have an abundance of various screens for mobile devices in the market. We deliver mobile-enabled technologies along with a mobile app delivery strategy to ensure optimal coverage and performance across all devices targeting specific audiences.

Scalability: We at, Yellow Strawberry, design scalable apps considering the high volume of uses in mind. Most of the apps failing scalability get rejected by customers in a very short time. We thoroughly test our applications on ios and android platforms before being released in production for use.

Security: With every project coming with its specific requirement of security and compliance, we deliver a highly customizable and secured app. Following industry-specific requirements and relevant certificates maintaining project standards across every project.

Mobile Healthcare: Healthcare is one of the emerging sectors as people are more focused on app-based health monitoring. Embraced with rich features, we give users a seamless experience for authentication, and social media sharing to deliver a feature-packed mobile app.

Cutting Edge Technologies: Enabled with the cutting-edge latest technology, we deliver top-notch next-gen efficient apps taking user experience to the maximum. Features supporting automation, Artificial intelligence, and AR empower customers to deliver the app with maximum features with very little time to market. Swiftly accommodating DevOps for continuous value delivery for rapid delivery is one of our best qualities giving maximum satisfaction to customers.

Rapid Outcomes: Today we have a cut-throat Competition to outrun each other to present an idea to the market through an app and win. The Yellow Strawberry, Mobile App Development services are a full package of mobile development with rapid prototyping and agile processes making projects smarter day by day for rapid outcomes.

We at, The Yellow Strawberry, are a group of professionals delivering quality IOS and android mobile applications at a very rapid pace with negligible issues in production. Our development life-cycle is tailored in a way that minimizes the time to publish your business idea into the market. We surely are one of the best in iOS App Development, iPad App Development, and Android App development pioneering in customer satisfaction.

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