How Much Does It Cost To Build An iOS App?

Nov 01, 2022 by The Yellow Strawberry

You have now decided to create a mobile app for business. Next, you need to determine the cost of iOS app development to establish your budget. This is the place to start.

This article will guide you through the cost and factors that influence the iOS app development price. It also provides a comparison of the costs of iOS and android app development in relation to current market standing.

A quick overview:

The cost of building an iOS app will be around $15,000 to $450,000 if you outsource it to the US. In contrast, the costs for similar services in other countries might range between $10,000 to $200,000

Experts recommend mobile app outsourcing because it is a key component in iOS app development that ensures high quality without compromising app performance and quality. To understand the total cost of your iOS app development project, you will need to know more about hidden costs and background.

How can we do this? Let's start with an industry-standard calculation method to determine the cost of your iOS app.

iOS App Development Cost Estimation Formula

Mobile app development costs, whether for iOS or Android, are calculated based on how many hours it takes to create and multiplied by the number of billable hours spent.

This is how the iOS app development cost calculator formula works:

Formula for iOS App Development Cost - 

UI/UX design hours + Platform wise app development hours + Backend server hours x Hours rate of developers

Additionally, you can see the many factors that contribute to the overall cost of iOS app development by breaking down every element.

You will need to consider certain factors, such as the tech stack required, where you are located, UI/UX designs, complexity level of your iOS app, app type and other options, when determining how much your mobile app development cost.

Let's get into the details!

Factors that Influence the Cost of iOS App Development

Your app should have the features, functionality and cost-affecting factors that meet your customers' needs. To meet user demands, it is possible to add additional features to the app. Your iOS app should have additional business-driven features such as navigation and payment gateways.

These business-driven features are a major part of estimating your iOS app budget.

iOS App Size

Your iOS app's size will increase, which means that you will need to develop your app faster and at a higher cost. There are many ways to choose the features and functions you want. Before you start developing your app, validate the idea and its features.

Conducting market research includes competitor analysis. This will give you a unique focus on user preferences, devices, and features. You can also look at similar apps to the app idea.

Here is the list of costs for developing an iOS app, based on app size.

iOS App Size Average Development Time Average Development Cost
Small app development cost 2-4 months $8,000-25,000
Medium app development cost 4-8 months $25,000-50,000
Complex app development cost 8+ months $50,000+

Complexity of iOS app

An app can only be considered efficient if it has many different features. These features have been grouped into five main categories that contribute significantly to the iPhone app development cost.

Complexity Level of Apps:

Simple Apps Mid-Level Apps Complex Apps
  • Basic Features
  • Standard UI Components
  • Simple Backend - Predefined templates and analytic features
  • Integration with APIs
  • Custom UI
  • Real-time messaging
  • Simple Backend - Defines a mild complexity app
  • Custom Animation
  • Media Processing
  • Real-time Sync.
  • Complex Backend - Different types of database relationships

Deployment Model of Architecture -

There are two types of backend development: Custom and BaaS. You will receive a custom-made backend architecture when you use a custom software backend. BaaS development, on the other hand, offers only a pre-made backend structure.

Development of the Admin Panel - This is the heart of the app. It allows you to monitor the activities on your app, view statistics and update your app content whenever you like.

Integration with Third-Party Apps - Your app will need to communicate with third-party apps to perform certain functions, such as signing up with Facebook or Google or transacting with a monetary app.

In-App Purchase - The majority of apps that are currently being developed include the in-app purchasing feature to help with app monetization.

Use of Device's functions - Your app will most likely need to use certain functions such as Bluetooth and GPS. In this case, it is important that you add this feature.

Below is a list of costs for developing an iOS app that takes into account the complexity of your app:

App Complexity App Description App Development Cost
Basic iOS app Apps with basic UI requirements and functions $10,000- 20,000
Medium and complex iOS app Apps with high backed and custom UI requirements $50,000-$250,000

iOS Apps Category

There are many types of iOS apps. The cost of each app varies greatly depending on the category. Each category has its own functionality, security criteria, and demographics. Below is a graph showing the top iOS app categories in 2022.


Now, here is a cost breakdown of developing an iOS app based on its category:

iOS App Categories Average Development Time Average Development Cost
Gaming app 4-20 months $30,000-250,000
Business app 2-10 months $5,000-150,000
Education app 2-12 months $10,000-80,000
Entertainment app 3-15 months $15,000-100,000
Travel app 2-8 months $5,000-50,000
Shopping app 3-8 months $5,000-50,000
Social networking app 5-8 months $10,000-60,000
Health and fitness app 1-15 months $10,000-250,000
Medical app 2-6 months $30,000-90,000

iOS App Design

When asking "How much does it cost to develop an iOS app?" we need to consider the app's design and animation. It is well-known that different designs, animations, and illustrations can result in different app costs.

Here are the top three iOS app design steps you should be familiar with:

Wireframing - Wireframing creates the user experience map. This task can be accomplished using tools such as Photoshop, Balsamiq and MARVEL.

Flat Design - A flat design is used when creating an iOS app. It allows for clarity and depth. Material design in Android is preferred to show creativity and boldness.

Animation - Animation is an important feature in some apps such as social media, gaming, and restaurant management.

iOS App Development Team Size

It is important to consider who your iOS app developer will be - whether they are a freelancer or a professional iOS app development company.

Here is your list of iOS app development costs based on individual talent sizes:

Development Role Global Avg. Development Cost(Hourly)
iOS app developer $20-$100
UI/UX designer $15-$50
Scrum master $50-$150
Project manager $12-$40
QA engineer $30-$70
Business analyst $60-$150

You can see that hiring individual talent can be costly. Therefore, it is recommended to hire an entire iOS app development team at a reliable company for a low price.

Location of the Development Team

The location plays an important role in setting the price for iPhone app development. The cost of iOS app development in India may be different than in the US.


Services around the globe vary in quality and cost. The most striking example of this is when we compare the east and the west.

Here's an estimate of the cost to develop an iPhone app keeping in mind your location.

Region App Development Cost
India $20-40/hr
United States $80-170/hr
Ukraine $30-100/hr
Australia $80-200/hr
Russia $60-150/hr

The above factors represent the total cost of iOS app development. However, post-development processes like app launch and maintenance are also important.

iOS App Launch

Launching an iOS app on the App store is one of the most important goals of developing an iOS app. You can't just do that. Apps are only selected for the App Store if they follow all guidelines. This is why publishing apps to the App Store can be a difficult task.

iOS App Maintenance

Your app is not finished when it goes live in the store. App maintenance is another element that can increase the cost of an ios application.

The following services are subject to an iOS app maintenance fee:

  • Constant Updates

Your app must be updated when an OS update is released. Technology changes are constant. You can ensure compatibility with the latest OS update and provide an enjoyable experience for your users.

  • Troubleshooting Bugs

It is impossible to be too cautious about bugs in your app. No matter if your app is finished or launched, bugs can still be found. It is evident that maintaining an app free from bugs is expensive.

  • Modifications to the App's Design

"Change is the only constant." This statement proves that change is the only constant. Your average frontend maintenance cost for ios app development will increase if you keep updating your app's design.

Let's now look at the indirect iOS app development cost you may have overlooked.

Hidden iOS App Development Prices You Need to Know About

While the cost factors discussed above are obvious and should not be overlooked, there may be some hidden criteria that you need to consider when developing an iOS app. We have provided a list of these criteria so you don't miss any details.

Hidden Cost Factors Average Cost /Year
Data storage $500
CDN $150
App developer account cost $99
Annual iOS updates $1000
Monitoring and maintenance $4,000-12,000

You already know that there are many costs involved in creating an iOS app. Partnering with an iPhone app development company is a smart decision. They can offer practical and affordable solutions to help you develop your iPhone app more efficiently.

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