How To Build An ECommerce App?

Mar 07, 2020 by The Yellow Strawberry

E-commerce Website Development - How to build an e-commerce app?Irrespective of the place and timings, people enjoy shopping! Due to digitilization, now the shopping has revised itself into eCommerce, wherein consumers have started shopping online with the encouragement provided by their devices anywhere, anytime.

As the world is getting modernized with digitalization businesses are changing their preferences to develop an eCommerce application. But exactly how you can build a seamless experience with an effective mobile eCommerce application that will bring you more sales, visitors and engaging customers? This post will guide you throughout all 

You have to figure out your goals based on the target audience of your business. Find answers to the questions like who are you offering your products/services to? Your target audience is engaged in which activities? Once you have understood the buyer persona it will give you a clear idea about your goals for an eCommerce application. Once you have finalised your goals about business with utmost clarity. You can move on the next step of deciding the features for the eCommerce app.

Your features will be based on competitive advantages your business have. Make a list of your competitors so that you can understand which features to add/remove and not to duplicate from the business model. Do proper research and analysis of your competitor’s business model. Here are a few tips on the basic features of successful eCommerce applications:

E commerce Website Development Features

Login/Sign-up: A simple process but it might get exhausting for the users to fill out the pages of information just to get registered/ subscribed to your app and services and they might uninstall or choose your competitor over you. So, it is necessary to have an easy sign-up/login process for the users to get started.

Support multiple, secure and easy payment gateways: By having mostly used methods of payment gateways you can be a smart & safer player in the eCommerce market. Being open to the popular and easy payment gateways you ensure that the consumers are using your application’s built-in wallet. Net banking, Credit card, Debit card, eWallets, UPIs are some of the popular must have payment gateways available in the eCommerce market.

Social media & Push notifications: To keep the application engaging for the customers push notifications is the important feature to have as it keeps them notified about your services, discounts, referral codes, updates regarding orders and other required information that needs to complete the bridge gap of communication.

Merging the app with a user’s social media not only provides an easy one-tap log in access but it also ensures that your application stays in front of your consumers wherever they are; tweeting on twitter, scrolling through Facebook, chatting on WhatsApp, pinning/saving pins on Pinterest. This also helps your business as many customers can spread discounts, referral codes, new product/service update via sharing them on social media.

Reviews & Rating: If you’re open to criticism and learning then this is a must have feature! Entitle and try to understand your customer’s reviews and ratings. This will help you to realize what kind of changes are needed for your offerings. Instead of deleting the negative reviews, appreciate the consumers for it and show them what changes you have done to satisfy them. This will show that your brand cares about the customers.

The basics of any e-commerce application are the same. To stand out in and be in the top search results of your e-commerce market all you have to do is add your own branding specifications and point out your USPs.

Some of the essentials that you should envision while building your application:

- Easy Navigation

- UI/UX with correct features

- Collaboration with brands if you are into the multi-eCommerce store

- Visual experience

- Google analytics

- Inventory management

In the end, it all depends on the quality of the development. Make sure to hire experts that are passionate enough to deliver the promised work.

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