How To Make An Online Dating App?

May 12, 2022 by The Yellow Strawberry

Swiping Right at the Right Dating site
In this modern world, dating is something that's part of everyone’s life. With the advent of social media like Fb, Instaetc, it's a boon to its users through which you get a glimpse of another person’s life. Gone are the days where people had very little or no idea about the person they were gonna marry. While most would argue that arranged marriages never gave the opportunity to understand the person they are going to marry to, elders sugarcoated it by saying that they have a “whole lifetime” in front of them to know each other.

It was quite common in the western countries to go on a date, than it was in this part of the world. Online dating apps open up the doors to a whole lot of options, to see someone, to know their interests, whether they are looking for serious or short term relationships and many more. As a matter of fact, these can be known even before meeting the person in real! The most wonderful thing of all is, if your soulmate is in some other part of the world, you could get together with them too!!

The dating game can be classified in two major ways, one could be looking for a long term relationship, while the other may focus on short term relations. A human is a social animal, and thus naturally seeks the companionship of others as well as offering them the same. And while you are in a relationship, wouldn’t you wanna be with someone who would share your interests, rather than being with a stranger!?

Even with so many dating apps in the picture, none of them have shown much impact in the country which comprises such a large adult population. You might be thinking, what might go wrong with the simple action of selecting someone who you may like. But, the application is not just about Swiping Right or Left anymore, It's way more than that!! The best online dating apps we have today haven’t been able to successfully reach the audience or adopt the needed features! A lot of issues are pulling them down. Engaging users with the app, eliminating fake profiles, building an algorithm that understands the person, marketing the app & understanding the rules of dating are the challenges faced by them. If you tackle these, Voila! You have a successful product in front of you!

So why waste time, let me jump into the stages of Developing of the app!

Sign Up

Registering can be a hectic procedure, and if you make it lengthy, the more chances you have of losing the user. At the same time, you would want to get maximum info out of the person. So linking their social media page rather than setting up a whole registration questionnaire saves time and parts a good “first impression” on the app.

Tackling Fake Profiles

While the so-called premium apps boast about the number of users they have, it's true that most of them are filled with millions of fake profiles. Impersonating is a serious offence, and this can be tackled by developing a unit which does simultaneous verification and removing such fake profiles from the app.

Engaging the User

Push Notifications, personalisation of content, flexible profile visibility, in app messaging, easy swipe features, valuing user’s time are some of the ways that helps you build a great engaging platform


In any digital platform it is important to know and understand the user. To get into one’s mind is the only way to know their likes and dislikes and then deliver them what you can provide. Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) plays a pivotal role in gathering the info and later directing what can be marketed.

Must have Features

For any dating app, it is necessary to have certain features that communicate with the user. Setting up a profile, selecting your sex, location, preferences etc. And while some of these are direct fills, the others have to be extracted with creativity. This is where the expertise of the team comes in. Necessary details will be filled by the user, but to understand their choice of interest one could hold a MCQ type quiz, or games. It's up to the team , to not bore the client at the same time get as much useful info as possible.

Marketing Plan

With the above said developments done, it is very important to focus on marketing aspects of the app.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness is important, as it is the only way for a product to showcase its credibility to a large audience. Building a brand which understands and can cope up to the needs of the Indian market is the real game changer.

Target Audience

A huge set of research is conducted to bring your platform towards the target audience. Usually, digital marketing is preferred as it categorises the users based on location, gender and also SEO. However, advertising other than social media is also necessary to build a brand’s credibility. Dating app development services need to ensure it reaches its target audience & grows the way to emerge as a profitable brand.

Building an USP

A Unique Selling Product is what makes your brand shine. To highlight a new feature that none of your competitors provide and which can be really helpful will drive the users to use your platform. This doesn't have to be anything new, even if you have less number of users, but have a high “matching” rates, it is indeed a good thing for your app, you can market the aspect to the target audience and grab their attention!

Updating Features

The development of the app is a continuous procedure. It is one of the advantages of digital media which is enjoyed over traditional media. As you have direct access to inform any new aspects, you can easily do so. Updates can be easily downloaded by the user and it just takes a matter of seconds. The update is directly proportional to addition of new features for the benefit of users.


Various Statistics on Online Dating Segment has a forecast of reaching upto66.6 million by the end of 2026 in India, which is a significant increase from 3.4% to 4.6% in user penetration. This opens up a “need” for a player in the market. Another aspect with the dating app is, users believe they will have more credibility if they are premium users. The paid feature of the app opens up the door to make revenue for the company.

Money Model

The connectivity of the app paves way to make money, such as premium users, additional features, unlimited access, removal of ads can be made from the user. Personalised ads for the audience brings the big bucks from other brands. Online dating app development is one of the few web services where generation of revenue is possible both before usage and also during the usage.


Design & development of the app is a major aspect when it comes to user interface. To build an app from scratch considering all its initial requirements and updating its features from time to time is the real impression setter here. Dating app development services is a complex task for a newbie company. Many websites are present which are not organised, end up to nowhere, lack beautification, filled with errors or sometimes even don't work at all. The slightest inconvenience may upset the user and end up in losing interest in them. So in order to get into the web business it's better to join hands with someone who has been around in the web development arena for some time now.

While considering the above facts, one must make sure to associate with only “one” agency to assign the work, from building the brand from scratch to developing it from time to time. Web Development is also a “Long Term Relationship” to ensure you get your work done for your money’s worth! Since its inception in the year 2015, The Yellow Strawberry has stood out as a leader in Digital Marketing. One of the most sought after Agencies in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai, we are sure to show that we are the best in business. Looking for someone to develop a dating app!? Well, you can always Swipe Right on The Yellow Strawberry.

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