Native App Development Cost In India

Nov 20, 2020 by The Yellow Strawberry

Development Cost of Native Mobile Application in India
A native application is a program that is made for a particular platform and installed on the targeted device.

Let us look into detail at the pros and cons of native app development and what it will cost to get a native android app for your business. Our guide will help you choose a trustworthy react native app development company, that specializes in native mobile app development.

Since a native app is designed for use on a particular device and its OS, it has the ability to use device-specific hardware and software. Native apps can offer optimised efficiency, taking advantage of the latest technologies, such as GPS, as contrasted with multi-system generic Web apps or mobile cloud apps.  That is the reason native app development is the first choice for most companies. Native app development cost in India depends upon the features.

Platforms of Native Applications:

Apples' iOS and Google's Android are the two major smartphone OS systems. The indigenous apps are in the code used for the computer and its OS beforehand. For instance, developers would write iOS apps in Objective C or Swift while developing Android-native applications in Java.

Native apps work with the OS of your computer to make it faster and more versatile than other applications. When the app is sold to consumers with different computer types, developers can build a separate app version for each.

A native programme installs on a mobile device directly. On the computer or remotely – for example, in cloud-based storage, data associated with the native app is saved.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Native Application:

Native applications' advantages include:

  • Wide features because of the use of the system underlying capabilities;
  • Rapid device efficiency and responsiveness;
  • Notifications for push;
  • UI that best corresponds to the OS user experience;
  • Quality assurance in application stores by reviews.

Because of these advantages, native app development is preferred by most businesses in India and other countries. To get all these advantages, hire an experienced react native app development company to create a native android app for your business.

Native applications' drawbacks include:

  • Multiple codebases, as every computer has its own application version
  • The costs of developing and maintaining a code base for each platform for the additional developers
  • During and function update, the time spent on different builds for individual platforms.

The pros of a native mobile app outweigh the disadvantages. It is advisable to hire professional react native app development services to design a customized native mobile application that is apt for achieving your business objectives. Such a native mobile app development company will create a native app that will help attract more customers, engage with them, and persuade them to do business with you.

How much would it cost to create a mobile app?

Native app development cost in India will usually cost you between $2000-$1 million or so, and that is precisely why we are here today. The costs vary depending on several factors, but the key reason why the cost of construction is more than $1+ million is the complexity of the project. Another aspect that has a big effect on the costs is where you recruit developers for your application.

Developing countries are not uniformly distributed across the world, and the lowest cost per hour, as compared with the highest cost in North America, can be found from what we've seen. The average cost of production begins at $15 per hour and in India increases to $80. At 70 dollars per hour in the USA, on average, the expense is 350 dollars per hour.

The above formulae can effectively be used as an app cost calculator until all of the time needed to construct an app is measured.

( Designing Hours + Development hours + Testing hours) * Average hourly rate = Cost of App Development

In general, costs for the development of a mobile app are vast: from zero total to extraordinarily high prices, capable of hitting millions. But, honestly, because of many factors at stake, there is no clear response.

The cost of creating a mobile application depends on varying developer prices, project complexity and time it takes to produce an app. The price of an application depends on the following:

  • Type (mobile games, enterprise, social networking, style of life etc.)
  • Platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone and more.
  • Project (fundamental human, individual)
  • Number of pages
  • Characteristics & infrastructure

Phases for the development of App:

The biggest problem is that it's just the iceberg that forms. The application lifecycle consists of development, implementation and maintenance; most people are focusing only on development.

These continuing costs are calculated by some studies  -

  • Production accounts for just 35% of the overall cost (source) in the first two years of a typical mobile application.
  • Present maintenance charges are $5,000-$11,000 per month (source) for medium business applications.
  • Up to 50% of the initial application development costs will be combined with annual legacy costs. This means that it would cost up to $150 thousand per year if you spend 300,000 dollars on your typical app growth, support and maintenance!

Factors influencing the cost of development:

Now that you know the basic concept of overall Native app development cost in India let's take into account certain components and variables that add up or impact mobile device development costs.

App Type - 

The costs of producing and running applications with various complexity vary entirely.

  • Complexity is low

In terms of the number of displays, types of users, and the use of sensors, small complexity apps are usually low. Mobile applications typically take between 100-300 hours to build with low complexity.

  • Complexity is Medium

In addition to many other aspects, sparring use of built-in sensors, a higher number of in-app pages, and at least two different types of users are often considered when calling for a complex app. It takes between 200-700+ hours for these apps to grow.

  • Complexity is high

Apps like Uber, Google Maps, and Apple Music will be the best examples of high complexity. It takes at least 600 hours to create, but also that you cannot rely on a single developer but rather rely on a leading mobile application development company to build it for you.

Latest Technology

In the last couple of years, smartphone applications are all the more suitable, and it could be considered one of the top factors for adopting new technologies. Pokémon Go, IKEA Spot, wallets and games based in Blockchain and technology giants introducing in-app learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to finally boost the user interface and the user experience are the simplest examples.

Maintenance and Add - ons

They are both essential components of a mobile app since it is required to run and be frequently evolving on time whenever we create a mobile app. Even if the client doesn’t know regarding the maintenance and Add-ons, many client-centric mobile app development companies concentrate on informing them on these specific aspects before going forward with the project.

Data Encryption

Private data security in 2017 and beyond cannot be understated and exaggerated. It is completely important to encrypt data in order to avoid unauthorised access to any mobile app. In other words, information becomes a message, and it can be decrypted only by the sender and recipient concerned with the so-called 'key.' For example, with its unique lock and key, WhatsApp sends all messages, known as end-to-end encryption.

Hidden Costs Categories

It is crucial that you understand the mobile app framework before we get the biggest hidden costs in the app development process.

That is vital for the growth, hosting and support of your app when you are looking for vendors or talk to your IT service.

Be mindful that most of these services must be purchased and assembled separately for most typical custom app solutions. You can classify them into four categories:

  • SMS, push alerts, etc. Functional services.
  • Control services (to upgrade the application, to handle users, etc.)
  • Services of networks (servers, CDN, etc.).
  • Services of IT support (app updates, patches of bugs, etc.)

We presume that you have an idea about the cost of native app development in India for your organisation after you go through all of it, according to your goals. Things like software design costs were not directly listed, but that already includes the average cost we mentioned at one venue.

If you are following our recommendation, concentrate more on the R&D section and then decide on the stages and where to grow your app.

Now that you know the benefits of getting a native mobile app, you must enlist the services of a reliable react native app development company that can design a tailor-made react native application apt for your requirements and budget.

Why Choose The Yellow Strawberry for Native App Development?

We are a reputed react native app development company, having created numerous customized native apps for companies across diverse sectors. Our team is an expert in native mobile app development and designs apps that cater to the specific needs of our clients. We focus on designing interfaces that are easy to use and engage the end-users. Our innovative designs have helped improve the brand image of our clients and enabled them to increase sales and drive business growth.

Our creative development team has managed to surpass other react native app development services in India with its hard work and professional attitude. Any native mobile application we design goes through strict quality controls and tests to ensure it is glitch-free before it is ready for launch. With our dedication to providing the best customer service and commitment to meet tour clients’ deadlines no matter what, we have earned the reputation of being the most trusted native mobile app development company in India. We assure you that the high-quality react native application we will design for you will increase your returns on investment in no time.

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