Top iOS App Development Trends To Watch Out For In 2023

Nov 03, 2022 by The Yellow Strawberry

Every sector has seen positive changes and an increase in technology. The latest technology advancements will amaze you with more amazing features. This year, the mobile industry will see the greatest technological advances. This strategy is being used by many businesses to make their mobile products and services a huge hit on the market. Mobile apps can now integrate with emerging technologies such as IoT and AI.

The mobile app market is dominated by iOS. We will be sharing the top iOS app development trends for 2023 and beyond.

iOS App Development Trends for 2023

1. ATS for Better App Security

Apple's embedded features are well-known for providing full security for your app. Developers of iOS apps had to be concerned about hackers stealing personal information. iOS 13 allows developers to integrate ATS -- App Transportation Security into their iOS app.

2. AR and VR Integration

The virtual world is thriving because of the importance of iOS app development. You can now focus on developing real-time apps for an enhanced user experience. Augmented Reality (or Virtual Reality) is a way to do this. This technology will be the next big iOS app trend for 2023. This technology is already being used by IKEA and other apps to improve the user experience. Dance Reality and Houzz are two other examples of AR-VR-based apps.

3. Implementing Swift 5 by Apple

All iOS developers are now focusing on using the Swift 5 programming language from Apple to enhance their mobile app-based businesses. It can be used as a standalone framework to enhance the productivity and features of apps.

Swift libraries will be integrated into every new version of macOS, iOS, and Wearable OS. This trend will make it easier to create applications.

4. The Wearable and IoT Age

iOS app developers are focusing on the most recent technologies in order to create revolutionary apps. IoT-enabled iOS applications will allow smartphones to connect to watches, bands, or other wearable devices in order to facilitate data sharing, transfer, and collaboration. Apple recently introduced the HomeKit program, which uses technology-driven IoT.

IoT integration in iOS apps is already helping customers in industries like logistics, healthcare, agriculture, and logistics.

5. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence technology will be the dominant technology in 2022, it is certain. International Data Corporation's latest research shows that AI technology will generate more than $47 billion annually by 2022.

When your iOS app is integrated with the CoreML framework, it will be able to harness the power of Machine Learning. CoreML will soon be the standard for customizing your iOS application development process.

6. Cloud-Integrated iOS Apps

This year, iOS app development will have many opportunities thanks to cloud technology. Cloud-based iOS apps are cloud-based and allow companies to store large amounts of data, while also increasing the productivity and effectiveness of their applications. Cloud integration is beneficial for both app developers and consumers. Cloud platforms can be used by iOS developers to make development easier and faster. Cloud integration offers many benefits, including App Scalability, Cost Reduction, Security, and more.

7. Chatbots

Chatbot technology has replaced customer service in many industries. Chatbots have many benefits. They work 24 hours a day and don't take long to respond to customers. Your business app can answer customer questions on the move, allowing customers to make faster decisions and buy more quickly.

Starbucks recently introduced a chatbot that allows customers to make their choice of coffee and choose a shop location through the app- My Starbucks Barista. The customer can then go to the Starbucks he chooses and get their coffee.

8. iBeacon Technology

iBeacon Technology is another iOS app development trend that Apple has announced for 2022.

A beacon is a wireless transmitter that uses Bluetooth technology to send signals. Once the connection has been established, the push notification with a message is sent to the iPhone.

Let's take this technology as an illustration. Let's suppose your potential buyer passes by the clothing shop. Customers who pass the shop will trigger iBeacon sensors to activate and receive notifications about new deals and products that might be of interest.

9. Enterprise Development is important

The most important development in recent years is enterprise development. It improves security and productivity. This new trend allows iOS app developers to grow highly scalable businesses.

10. Apple Pay

The Ultimate Mobile Wallet will be the next iOS trend this year. People are less inclined to pay in cash for their purchases. iOS developers have simplified the payment process by integrating payment gateways into Apple Pay.

According to the study, 200 percent of total payments made through the Apple payment gateway are expected to increase.


Now that you're aware of the latest trends in iOS App Development, it's time to maximize these Trends to Increase Your Business Revenue. To create an exciting and secure user experience, iOS developers need to focus on integrating advanced technologies. Your business will benefit greatly if you place a strong emphasis on Core Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT technology, and Core Machine Learning. You can also offer feature-rich solutions to your iOS app, such as integration with wearable devices or iBeacon tech.

Are you ready to reap the full benefits of these iOS App trends for 2022? The Yellow Strawberry is a top software development company that hires iOS app developers. Our skilled team & developers are able to deliver your web, mobile and other software solutions within the timeframe you have specified.

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