Top Travelling Websites In India

Sep 22, 2022 by The Yellow Strawberry

Travelling has been an integral part of our lives since the beginning, isn't it?

It's possible to travel to more remote areas and relax, rejuvenate and rejuvenate your mind and body. Travelling can be dangerous because you have to wait in long lines at airports for your rental vehicle. Online travel websites and apps have been growing in popularity to ease the process and provide the best travel experience.

Online portals make our lives so much easier. It is easy to book train and flight tickets online. What's more? Online, you can also explore the top hotels in your destination. You can read the reviews and take a virtual tour to find out more about them before you book them at the best prices.

There are many Indian travel websites. Here's a list of the top Indian travel websites. These websites are all user-friendly and feature premium functionality.

1) MakeMyTrip


Do you have the time and desire to travel interstate? Are you searching for the best deals on a European holiday?

MakeMyTrip is the one-stop destination to find all of your itinerary activities

MMT is one of the most popular Indian travel websites. MakeMyTrip has a reputation for providing the best-in-class services and continues to win over its customers.

You can book flights, hotels, and payments through the platform.

What's more? MakeMyTrip offers its customers exclusive holiday deals for an unforgettable travel experience.

2) Cleartrip


Cleartrip is one the fastest-growing startups within the travel and tours sector in India. Cleartrip's customer-centric services quickly made it a leader in the online travel market.

Cleartrip's many services have allowed customers to travel around the world without worrying about travel and hotel costs. Cleartrip offers exclusive holiday deals for both corporates and individuals. This exclusive Cleartrip deal allows everyone to travel across their favorite destinations for a minimal cost.

Cleartrip's fare calendar is a popular feature. Cleartrip's fare calendar allows users to choose travel dates and gain insight into hotels and travel options according to their budget.

Flipkart acquired Cleartrip in April 2021. Flipkart is India's leading online shopping platform. Flipkart's participation will allow the company to reach new customers, offer more services and lower prices.

You can travel to your favourite tourist spot, whether it is in Mumbai or Manchester with Cleartrip.

3) Goibibo


Goibibo, India's most trusted travel and tour platform, is changing the industry through its innovative services. It is one of the most popular travel websites in India.

The Ibibo Group started Goibibo. In 2013, it acquired Redbus, a well-known bus ticket booking platform. To become the largest travel company, Ibibo group merged in 2016 with Makemytrip.

Goibibo can be accessed as both a website and as a mobile application. This allows you to reach all corners of the globe. It is known for offering amazing deals on hotels, flights, and tours. Goibibo also allows users to receive instant updates and notifications about the best travel deals.

What's more? Customers love the 'GoCash" feature on this platform. Customers can use GoCash to get cashback whenever they book through Goibibo.

Goibibo lets you experience the world, travel wherever you want, and make unforgettable memories everywhere you go.

4) Agoda

Website:, an online travel booking platform, helps customers make their vacations memorable. It is accessible as both a website and a mobile application. Many users claim that Agoda's mobile app is responsible for half of all bookings.

Are you looking for the best hotel and flight deals? Switch to Agoda for a wide range of hotels, restaurants and trains. You can also rent vacation homes and other rentals.

Agoda, an international travel and tours company, has its headquarters in Singapore. This platform only offers a "book without a card" feature for hotels in Indonesia or the Philippines. The platform now offers flight products, which allow users to book flights without having to leave their site.



Next on our list is This Dutch online travel agency is located in the Netherlands. You can access the platform as a website or as a mobile application. allows you to book hotels, restaurants and flights as well as train tickets, with amazing discounts. For iPhone and iPod users, the company offers a last-minute hotel booking app ' tonight'. is available for iOS, Android and Windows users. is available in over 45 languages and offers a wide range of services for customers from diverse ethnic backgrounds. It claims that it has more than 228,000,000 guest houses and hotels worldwide. Customers can pick the destination that suits their needs from the wide range of choices available.

6) Yatra

Website: is a prominent player in India's tourism and travel industry. It is a preferred choice for corporate flyers, travel agents and hodophile looking to fulfil their travel needs.

Yatra allows customers to book hotels, flights and trains at a fraction of the cost. Yatra also offers low-cost tour packages and instant cashback. Yatra also allows users to book car rentals while on the move with just a few steps

Yatra's prompt services, simple payment options, and customer service make it the top choice for travellers.

7) OYO Rooms


OYO Rooms, also known as OYO, is India's largest hotel chain with over 200 locations. This international hotel chain has outlets in the United States, Malaysia, and UAE.

OYO is a one-stop shop for travellers and offers hotels and other travel services. This platform provides detailed information about hotels, amenities, packages and payment options.

It currently houses more than 7500 hotels across India and offers them at very affordable prices. OYO is now the most popular Indian hotel and travel website.

Book the best hotels from OYO rooms to have an unforgettable experience.

8) Akbar Travels


One of India's most popular online travel agencies is Akbar Travels. It currently has 57 IATA-approved and 40 non-IATA-approved branches across the country.

It offers a variety of travel packages and tours to customers. Customers can also book hotels, trains and flights through Akbar travel within the shortest time possible.

What's more? All customers receive exclusive Hajj or Umrah deals from the company. Akbar Travels offers a low-cost option for booking a comfortable Hajj and Umrah tour.

Akbar offers a variety of services for corporate clients, including customized tours and travel packages.

Enjoy your holiday destination without worrying about waiting in long lines at hotels or airports. Let Akbar Travels handle this for you!

9) Hotels Combined


Hotels Combined is next on our list. It is an Australian-based online travel and hotel booking company. It was established in India in 2005 and quickly became one of India's most popular travel websites.

Hotels Combined provides a single-stop destination for corporate travellers as well as regular travellers. You can find the best hotel deals and also car rental or flights at a very affordable price.

Hotels Combined make it easy to book your vacation anywhere and anytime. What's more? You will be astonished at the incredible deals on this platform!

To allow customers to find the best hotel deals, the company has partnered with countless hotels around the globe.

10) Thomas Cook


Thomas Cook is another well-known name in Indian online travel. It has an international presence in more than 233 countries. It is present in more than 94 cities in India.

The platform provides great discounts on domestic/international travel packages. It is also a one-stop shop for all travel-related services. Thomas Cook allows customers to book hotels and rental cars, facilitate foreign exchange, renew travel insurance, and many other services. It is one of the most trusted travel websites in India.

Travel at your own pace and enjoy the best Thomas Cook deals on accommodation and travel.

11) Ixigo


We also have Ixigo, an amazing Indian travel website.

Ixigo, an Indian online travel booking platform, offers its customers a range of travel services.

Ixigo allows customers to search for and compare real-time prices on hotels, trains and buses. Ixigo works with more than 100 travel websites to provide the best results for its customers. More than 170 million people are registered with the company.

With Ixigo you can easily compare and find the best travel deals!


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