Ultimate Guide To Building Custom Apps

Dec 08, 2021 by The Yellow Strawberry

Custom app development is a strategic process of defining, designing, building, and launching successful software that works on any device such as desktops, smartphones, tablets, and wearables. For a successful custom app, one must ensure that the app is:

  • Compatible with all devices
  • Can be adjusted to fit any screen size
  • User satisfaction
  • Adapts to advanced technology 

Customising an app is personalising the needs or requirements of the client. Every business is familiar with apps and is equipped with an ideal app that suits their business needs effortlessly. App development companies follow best practices to develop reliable custom apps.

Below are the few guidelines that developers and custom app development services follow to meet their client goals.

Custom App Development in a nutshell

Platforms and devices change rapidly with advanced technology and agility are indispensable for custom apps. All the customised apps need to evolve with user needs to ensure long term success. These few steps below will give you a rough idea of how to design the app and how it should function.

Robust app strategy

A flawless strategy is a key for a successful custom app no matter how it functions, for whom it is designed and who creates it.  The major components involved in the custom app development are:

  • UX Designing and Prototyping
  • User Testing
  • UI Design
  • Development
  • Scaling

A custom app is successful only with a well-designed, well-researched, and implemented strategy. Invest plenty of time to plan a strategy, plan app marketing activity to achieve the defined goals.

Define Clear Goals and Objectives

The objective of the app is basically to help a user 'do something' quickly and effectively. A custom app is successful only with a well-designed, well-researched, and implemented strategy. One needs to understand the purpose of the app, what can be achieved with the app and what needs to be accomplished using the app. With a flawless strategy, you can define how an app should fit into users’ lives while offering multiple functionalities. Therefore, defining clear goals or objectives is the initial step in custom app development.

Invest in incredible designs

The beauty of an app is its interaction and navigation.  Developing and designing a front-end, business-oriented, and spontaneous interactive app ensures users' needs are satisfied. The latest app design includes ideating, defining, planning, and building user experience for all types of devices to achieve a unified user experience. Every user focuses on how easy it is to complete a task using an app. The better the UX/UI, the happier the user.

Coding a customised App

Coding converts an idea into a desirable custom app during the development phase. The team handles the technicalities, development strategies, programming languages, or specific frameworks to see that the app is user friendly. The team makes sure that the app is updated periodically with the latest technology and adheres to app development standards while mobilising the app. 

App Marketing

One should consider multiple marketing strategies for a customised app. To target, the right audience a successful app marketing campaign should include multiple phases and timely communications. You should also consider the average customer acquisition cost of the app. Marketing a customised app for any business involves a variety of tactics to pass the message to the targeted audience.

Create a Most Viable Product (MVP)

Every custom app entrepreneur has a great idea and a captivating strategy that attracts users. The app is tested in a real-time environment for its performance and functionalities which determine the usability of the app. Once the customised app is tested for stability and functionality, it is good to go as per standards.

Custom App Marketing

Building a custom app effectively is easy with excellent developers. However, if you cannot market it rigorously and offer effective support, the app may fail. Few app marketing successes that should be considered:

  • Create vibrant marketing message about the app
  • Request users to give reviews and ratings on app, social media and wherever possible
  • Create a well-defined and stand-out brand

Here are some ways how you can market your app well: Running paid ads, offering subscriptions, in-app purchases/features help users to visit your ecommerce store/website for more information

How to segment custom app users?

App segmentation is one of the key strategies coupled with app analytics. There are four standard metrics such as based on device information, geographical location, user info, and user behaviour which should be followed at all times.

By device info

Segmentation happens based on device details (laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, etc), OS version (iOS, Android, or Windows), and hardware (Samsung S10, iPhone XS, etc.)

By geographical location

Segmentation happens based on geographical information such as country, city, town, zip code area, state, and so on. This is helpful if the app is offering location-specific attributes and services.

By user info

User information helps in categorising app audiences into attendees, visitors, employees, consumers, members, fans, leads, partners, B2B clients, B2C customers, etc.

By user behaviour

User interactions, average session duration, time frames of login, and the reaction of users when an app is updated are a few user behavioural traits considered. Tracking such data is inevitable and is vital for the success of the app.

Skill sets are essential for a custom app and target market

Cherry-picking custom app developers with the right skills will intensify app success rate.  There are a lot of skills such as UX/UI, product management, scrum management, design, business analysis, QA testing, and Technical app development skills which make a great app development team.

UX/UI - User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are two different key elements that can amaze users or disappoint users instantly. This team knows how to draft and craft out a user-friendly app.

Product management – All the ideas are transformed into a user-friendly app because this team is associated with stakeholders involved in building the app.

Scrum management – The scrum master is the default project manager who heads the app development to make sure everything is on time and within the budget.

Design – A lot of well-versed UI and UX designers are needed to make the app look presentable, beautiful and easy to navigate.

Business analysis – Developing an app involves many objectives which should be laid out systematically. The road map for the app includes market research, competitive analysis, documentation, and many more.

QA testing – An ideal app undergoes testing from the initial phase to the final phase. Testing team makes sure that the app is market-ready along with the industry standards of QA testing.

Technical app development skills – The team of developers, coders, and testers accomplish app creation with their advanced coding language, cloud infrastructure, cross-platform skills, data integration, cloud integration, security integration, and other necessary analytics.

Final Note - 

Creating a custom app while following the guidelines makes it easier. Any hiccups can be avoided with a proper strategy, the right team of developers or testers, the correct processes, and a clear plan. Strategy level, design, software development, execution, support, and marketing, are the essential factors considered during app development. An app helps in increasing sales, improves customer experience, competes with competitors’ digital products, delivers excellence, brand awareness, and offers better customer engagement.

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