Ultimate Guide to Custom Mobile App Development

Aug 21, 2021 by The Yellow Strawberry

The way we interact with each other has altered thanks to modern smart phones. Millennial would have a hard time picturing themselves utilizing their phones solely to call or text others. Today's app stores have spawned an on-demand economy in which anyone may get any goods or service they want, whenever they want it. We can find an app for anything services from food to doing laundry, catching a cab, finding a job, and completing chores. Because of the rising Smartphone prevalence around the world, businesses have been pushed to embrace mobile apps as their primary mode of communication.

What is Custom Mobile App Development?

Custom mobile app development is similar to web services, but it focuses on providing the greatest options for existing operating systems and mobile devices. In order for a custom mobile application development solution to be successful, it must ensure that the app:

  1. Is compatible with the most popular mobile phone, tablet, and wearable device models
  2. May be adjusted to fit any screen size.
  3. Is fully compatible with the most popular OS systems
  4. Will adapt to future operating systems, screen sizes, and models (for example, to the foldable smart phones)

Custom App Development: A Step-by-Step Guide

Because it is tailored to the needs and requirements of the client, mobile app custom development can go in a variety of directions. Some businesses come to us with a ready-made MVP and a detailed list of requirements, while others have only a hazy sense of what they want in the end. The method is very dependent on the project, software, details, and client.

The steps listed below can be changed in a variety of ways. If you only have a rough notion of what you want to make, your plan will look something like this when you decide to make an app.

1. Coming up with ideas

This step is likely to be completed before you contact a custom mobile app development company. If you are looking for an investment opportunity, brainstorming is a good place to start. Consider the issues that exist in your country, area, or company and how an app could help to solve them.

1.    Identifying your target audience : Once you've identified an issue, you'll need to figure out who will be affected by your solution.

Consider the ideal user for your mobile app custom development:

Who? (for example, gender, age, location, occupation, and income)

How often do you anticipate them using the app?

What distinguishes your app from others on the market?

Simply asking individuals nearby is the simplest way to gather this information.

3. A Business Plan

It's crucial to carefully determine how your mobile app custom development solutions will generate income once the user and the problem are ready. The strategy you choose for the new project will have an impact on customer satisfaction and speed up the process.

4.Core functionality and specifications

Even if you are not a techie and cannot articulate the specifications in IT words, creating them is a necessary step. The general functional and technical specs, as well as your expectations for future software, can aid website and mobile app developers in comprehending your vision and developing the exact solution you require. Here's what will come in handy:

  1. Consider who will be using the app: professors and students, self-learners, registered/non-registered users, repeat customers or new consumers, and so on.
  2. Consider how each of the identified roles will use your app or how you want them to use it in the future.
  3. Plan the app: this simply refers to high-level considerations such as the expected number of screens and their names, buttons, and the app's functional design.
  4. Make a list of features: what you want the app to accomplish and how you want it to do it; Any interconnections, app analytics to adjust future marketing efforts, and revenue mechanisms should all be planned ahead of time (in-app purchases, ads, pay-per-download, etc.)

5. To develop an app, you'll need to find professionals.

This is where we, The Yellow Strawberry, come in. It's the perfect moment to choose a dependable partner to develop an app now that you have an idea, technical specifications, a marketing strategy, and a business plan.

6. Pre-development

This stage is termed pre-development since the outsourced firm and your team will need to meet and establish all project details before customised web app development can begin. From the pencil-and-paper conceptions to the designer's visuals and UX journeys, the latter can incorporate everything from your draft and ideas to their presentation of the app.


The magic of coding converts an idea into a working application during development. You don’t need to know the technical part, development strategies, programming languages, or specific frameworks in most cases. All of this will be handled by the custom application development business. At this point, a client must decide on the app handover and maintain control over the process.

The time that it takes to Create a Customized App?

The length of time it takes to design a custom mobile application development is highly dependent on the complexity of your project. A basic time-tracking application can be completed in three months, whereas an extensive app for online shopping would only take 9-12 months to construct.

Why choose The Yellow Strawberry for your Custom Mobile App Development?

End product of high quality: The Yellow Strawberry, a custom mobile application development company, work for a leading organisation and are highly skilled and talented, with extensive knowledge in their field. So, if you choose us for your custom mobile application development, you can expect high-quality work that will eventually result in an outstanding software for your business that requires little or no maintenance and extracts more value.

Ease and speed: A custom mobile application development company like us have a lot of expertise in designing high-performance apps. As a result, we have a specific level of expertise and speed in designing mobile apps, which will enable you to acquire your app within the specified timeframe.

Support: One of the most appealing aspects of working with a reputable and dependable custom mobile app development company like The Yellow Strawberry is that you will receive post-development service like  maintenance at any time in the future. We make sure that your work runs smoothly.

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