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Oct 03, 2020 by The Yellow Strawberry

In the current world of internet connectivity, people are surfing more and more through websites, apps, and user interface designs. However, while browsing, it is quite important to organize the content you want to showcase to the world. Creating a good website design is a process of planning and conceptualizing such content. Along with a great-looking Website design, it is also important to show content on smaller screens like mobile phones. Web design services take care to create a modern website design that goes beyond appearance and emphasizes functionality too. A website design agency has to ensure that the design works on all devices, whether smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Majorly it can be categorized into two types:

Visual Elements: Visual elements are those elements that take part in your website and mobile app’s appearance like font, colors, layouts, shapes, spacing, images, icons, and videos. These certainly are key elements that impact a website’s look and go towards making the best website design.

Functional elements: Functional elements are those elements that take part in the website’s functionality and interactivity. It contains navigation, speed, animations, user interaction, and device compatibility responsible for the overall functionality of a website.

Website Design Services: Website design services are concerned with creating and maintaining web designs. They create SEO optimized HTML content, along with responsive web design. The Yellow Strawberry is the best Web Design Company in Navi Mumbai, providing the best website design services. We spare no effort to create the best website design for each of our clients. Our satisfied customers regard us as a trustworthy website design company. 

Steps Involved in Creating a Good Website Design

The Process to create a good website design can be broken into below parts:

  • Strategy: Based on the target audience, a strategy is created to define the website design accordingly.
  • Develop: Business Idea is been crafted into reality by the web development team and is been deployed on the development server.
  • Design: Color schemes, layout, icons, images are applied on the website to infuse life into it, making it audaciously good looking.
  • Test: Various testing methodologies are applied to the product to test it thoroughly at various stages to provide a zero-defect website in production.
  • Deploy: Deployed on a production server to make website/app live accessible by users. Various configurations are done on the server for better performance and handling security.
  • Support: In case of any issue reported by a user, dedicated support is provided with the required steps.
  • Maintain: Ongoing activity to further incorporate small features in the current website/app to enhance its functionality and keep it up to date.

The Yellow Strawberry, a Web Design Company in Navi Mumbai, is popular for providing unique web designs and development services. Every brand wants to create its online presence through various methods. Providing them with the best website design or developing the best app is the motto of our web developer team that works dedicatedly on a single project at a time. With our professional web design services, we design corporate websites, eCommerce websites, portfolio websites, landing pages, blog/news websites, and much more.

Why we are the best Web Design Company in Navi Mumbai?

The Yellow Strawberry has established itself in the market in Navi Mumbai as a reputed company for providing website design services. With expertise in responsive web and application development, we also provide SEO support through digital marketing. To fulfill the clients’ requirements, our team works continuously across various domains taking their businesses to new heights. All these have helped us gain a reputation of being the best website design company.

The qualities that make us the best website design agency are:

Quick Load:

Most of the customers don’t want to stay on a website or an app if it doesn’t load quickly. They will move to another website or app if the loading is too slow. Understanding the criticality, we design our website or app such that it loads quickly enough, giving users a ‘wow’ feeling. Using our technological expertise, we try our best to make the website or app perform at the best speed possible.

SEO optimized:

Getting a higher rank during a search on various search engines is today’s necessity. 60% of people are opening the first three links appearing during a search result. So, it is a must to rank higher to get max visibility for your business. We do thorough keyword analysis, leverage the best practices of SEO  to deliver the best results.


With numerous size variations across devices, it is essential to load a website or an app correctly, adapting to its size. Think of user experience when it doesn’t load properly. Frustrated users will either leave the site or uninstall the app, giving the app a poor rating, thus hampering your brand image. So, it is a must to embed responsiveness inside a website or app.

Well-organized data:

Presenting content in a mobile-friendly way is a challenge that our industry is facing since a lot of content is required to be presented in a very limited space. Doing so results in improving usability and decreases bounce rate. Our collaborating SEO and development team creates well-optimized design pages and apps, giving an excellent customer experience.

Awesome UI/UX:

Gone are those days when simplicity meant a lot. Now, the internet is powered by youngsters who mostly like superior aesthetic designs. At the Yellow Strawberry, reputed as the top website design company, we have a designated specialized/certified UX team that takes care of UI/UX designs for our customers. These designers have specialized in UX courses to produce awesome UI/UX for the website/app we develop.

Over time with our experience, we have established ourselves as a premier website development company, surpassing other website design services by developing professional, customized solutions for customers around the world. We are way ahead of our competitors and have become a leading website design agency, giving our customers great ROI. Our work, ethics, culture, quality, and professionalism are valued by global clients around the world. Generating traffic over a website is one of the key factors for which we are admired by our clients, making us the best Web Design Company in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai.

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