What It Takes To Develop An Online Shopping App?

May 04, 2022 by The Yellow Strawberry

What Should be on Your Wishlist?
Thanks to the internet, the functioning of the world has now become easy. Few years back, if someone had said you could pay your bills, get your food, buy your groceries or even get a car waiting in front of your door all done just by clicking a few buttons on a small device, it would be termed as a joke! Since the inception of the internet, digital media has made life easier. Technology has evolved along with time. Mobile phones have now become an inevitable part of our lives. A device which was meant to communicate to someone via voice two decades back is now doing wonders!

It was the Covid 19 pandemic, which compelled people to use Digital media as the mainstream channel for communication. It didn't take much time for people to understand that the internet would be ruling the future. From educating the kids to selling shampoo bottles, advertising on digital channels had its advantage over the traditional media. When you want to buy shampoo, you could now do some research on it. On any shopping site, you would find a vast number of options of shampoos to select from, you could sort them down by selecting the required category and close down to one shampoo. You can also buy the product based on customers' opinions. These kinds of powers are not prevalent in traditional marketing.

India accounts for one of the largest markets in the world. So there is always an opportunity to make your mark in any industry. If you play your cards correctly, you can easily win the game.

Smartphone users are increasing day by day, ibef has shown that the number of smartphone users in India has increased from 502 mn in 2019 to 780 mn in 2021. It is expected to reach 100 crore users in the next 5 years. Setting up an online shopping app is a profitable business, as days go by the number of retailers as well as the user's demand keeps on increasing. Even the best online shopping apps in India, are not able to cater to every user's need. That's why, even though it's a crowded industry, there is always scope for a new player.

What Takes to Develop an Online Shopping App?

Sign Up

Registering can be a hectic procedure, and if you make it lengthy, the more chances you have of losing the user. At the same time, you would want to get maximum info out of the person. So linking their social media page rather than setting up a whole registration questionnaire saves time and parts a good “first impression” on the app.

What are you Selling?

Know what you are going to sell. While some stick to particular categories such as medicine or groceries, which makes an impression on the customer that these are the expert platforms, some try to build a single-stop platform for many products. An app compatible with both e-commerce and retail stores opens up more opportunities.

Target Audience

Analyse your products and set your target audience. For them, the convenience in the usage of the app, and the design of the page are important. With Digital Marketing, it is now easy to advertise your product to the audience by learning about their interests based on their searches and views on the internet.


This is the most significant part of any shopping app. Builds a communication edge, and produces the results in a matter of seconds. Eliminates human efforts in the search. Such a wonder is the outcome of Machine Learning. This setup uses Artificial Intelligence to study and respond as a human with the processing capability of a computer!

Marketing Plan

There are three major things a buyer needs while buying a product from a shopping app. The best shopping app will offer the lowest price, showcases brand credibility & entertains with the convenience of the platform. If these are achieved, there is no doubt that your shopping app will create wonders.


Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving your site to increase its visibility when people search for the available products. Website traffic plays an important role in stepping up as the important contender among other players.

Brand Awareness

The credibility of a brand is important. Studies have shown that users prefer to pay more money for the same product when they are buying from a premium app. The Genuinity of a product depends on the appearance of the app, thus the need to ensure marketing of the brand needs to be focused in the initial stages.


USP scores are high for any brand. It doesn't always have to be new. Even simple things, which are not present in your competitors' apps can highlight your position in the market. For example, a 100% refund on cancellation or BNPL features can be used as a USP of the brand and marketed well.

Integrating with mobiles

Social media apps are usually functioning on smartphones, so advertising your brand or the product on their FB or Insta can be executed with digital marketing. Based on their searches on Google, FB or even other shopping apps, we can place our product through our shopping app notifications!

Features for the User

Push Notifications, personalisation of content, easy scroll features, vast options display, and swift checkout can be adapted to make the user like the app.


A proper shipping mechanism needs to be laid that integrates with the app and facilitates smooth functioning in the given application

Money Making

As a direct selling enterprise, a margin of the profit is treated as revenue for the company. Other than that, there are various sources for generating money from the app Tie up with brands, so that their product comes up first (SEO). Advertising various brands in the app (Ad Banners). Recommending complementary products is also an option. Collaboration with money payment apps or various banks which provide offers and cashback. Faster delivery on extra charges is the potential method to generate revenue.


After analysing the customer needs, a dedicated research team carries out simulations in every possible way. When it comes to an online shopping app's development one must ensure to partner with a web development agency that is proficient in Machine Learning, Deep learning, web analytics, integration with other social systems, CRM and digital marketing. As the shopping app is based on limitless products, the interface should be capable of handling the input and web traffic as well. Intelligent Filtration methods and easy navigation UI's and shipping calculators play a pivotal role in development.

Why Choose Us for Online Shopping App Development?

While considering the above facts, one must make sure to associate with only “one” agency to assign the work, from building the brand from scratch to developing it from time to time. Since its inception in the year 2015, The Yellow Strawberry has stood out as a leader in Digital Marketing and Web Development. One of the most sought Agencies in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai, we are sure to show that we are the best in business. Are you excited to create your online shopping app!? Well, you can always “Add The Yellow Strawberry to The Cart”.

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