What Makes Flutter Ideal For Cross-Platform App Development?

May 25, 2022 by The Yellow Strawberry

Technology has revolutionised the business sector. One cannot imagine how a modern-day can run without computers or phones. Be it from ordering a cab to filling your monthly electricity bill, everything is now accessible on your phone screen! If you really think about it, most of the work which was thought impossible a few decades ago is totally accomplished because of technology! The latest developments in the technological arena have also resulted in the rise of many competitors. For example, we can categorise mobile phone users as android and iOS users, this accounts for about roughly about 80% of the users, but again there are many more popular options which use other operating systems. This data is in terms of phones, when it comes to desktops, windows emerge as dominant while having to face other OS such as Linux, macOS and many others as competitors!!

So when this happens, if one has to provide a service through an app or web, the developer has to develop the app in such a way that it is supported on the particular operating system. Just because the code is developed for say iOS, does not mean it is compatible with android OS and vice versa. For any service or product provider, it is impossible to compel their audience to use a particular operating system, instead, they need to adapt to the customer requirements. Thus, they have to overcome this problem by reaching their customers in whichever OS they are using.

Basically speaking, while developing an app, one has to code a programme, such as the output applications that are compatible with all kinds of Operating systems. But each OS demands separate coding! So if you think you can code in multiple programmes, the complexity intensifies. Just let us start listing various OS, the most popular ones include Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Ubuntu and many more. You can imagine the kind of complexity it takes to manage and also the time it takes for the development of all these platforms.

Are you wondering if there is a solution to this problem? There is! Flutter is a cross-platform app development framework by Google which addresses the above-said issue. With Flutter, you can now develop your app for multiple operating systems at the same time. Flutter for mobile app development is one of the most sought by developers around the world.

So What Exactly Does Flutter Do?

Flutter is an app development tool kit used for developing cross-platform apps. A “tool kit” is similar to widgets. All smartphone users have come across widgets on their home screens. These can also be simply called “shortcuts”. This simple software application provides you quick access without going into a complex way, i.e, creating a new set of programmes. Widgets are there, already “Half-ready“. These widgets help you easily customise the app you are developing. As the presence of widgets tells you that your job is half done, let us go through many more wonderful features that Flutter offers. When it comes to android or building iOS apps, Flutter is well received by developers around the globe.

Programming Language

When it comes to programming languages, Flutter uses Dart Programming Language, which is an Object-Oriented Programming Language (OOP). Therefore if any changes need to be made in the app there is no need to code an entirely new programme. You get access to easily modify the existing programme, which is not possible in terms of native web development which happens to be one of the main advantages of using Flutter for app development.

Length of Coding & Hot Reload

As mentioned above, the Dart programming language uses OOP, thus, if you want to incorporate any changes or updates, you need not code a new programme, rather you can easily modify the existing one. This ensures the length of the programme will be short, hence easy to access and the processing time is also decreased. Hot reload is the visibility of the programming to the developer. This is an added advantage that allows you to make changes by pointing out if certain code does not fix in the particular programme. With short coding & simple App development, flutter ensures the entire process runs smoothly.


As already mentioned in the intro, to give a much clear idea of widgets, they are built in such a way that it covers all the major aspects of developing the basic structure of an app. These shortcuts help the developer to directly use them according to clients' needs instead of starting with a whole new programme.

Adaptable to Aspect ratios

It is a common cause of web handles not being compatible with different sized screens, which leaves such a state that the developer has to take in case of various screen dimensions while developing the app. Now, not only phones, even washing machines, and refrigerators have smart screens on them. And with iOS supporting hardware itself, we come across iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and many more. with various screen sizes, one must always wonder if the orientation of app widgets is the same as flutter development on iPad to that of an android. This prevailing problem, regarding various screen dimensions, if we go the native way of app development, usually results in haphazard orientation of the icons. But now Flutter with its UI elements ensures that the orientation of widget icons remains uniform across different screen dimensions. This is a win-win for all kinds of screen sizes.


When it comes to documentation, Flutter stands way ahead of its competitors. It offers well structured, all hierarchically organised documentation. All you have to do is visit the website and you will find everything there! The structure is vast and holds great amounts of information in its library.


Written in Dart language, it is evident that Flutter cross-platform development saves time as well as the length of the code. When it comes to performance, the processing time is quick. It also provides user recommendations in terms of applying effects and widgets only when you need them. These performance optimization techniques and better FPS in animations make it a great choice!

Fast-Growing Community

As Google is developing it, one of the premier software is developing companies, and since its inception in the year 2017, Flutter mobile development has shown great progress. With additional features such as geolocation and mapping, which are accessible because of Google as its parent company, Flutter stands out when compared to its competitors. Today, Flutter is the fastest growing community in cross-platform developing frameworks.

Cost of Development using Flutter

It is evident that the cost for the development of an app is directly proportional to the time it takes to develop it. Time is money. Because we are using Flutter, we don”t have to separately develop multiple versions of your app that are compatible for different Operating Systems. Also with built-in toolkits, Flutter cross mobile app development takes 30% less time to build the app. Multiply the cost per hour by the time is taken, The total cost will be way less. Not only the cost but also the time taken will be minimised!

Flutter App Development at The Yellow Strawberry

Flutter app development is handled by a separate team. Our tech-savvy team of technical professionals have mastered the code foundation required for flutter app development. Our team's competent pros have proven their worth by successfully completing all of the flutter app development tasks we've undertaken thus far. For the best cross-platform app development, you know that The Yellow Strawberry is here at your service!

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